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Link sAUsage: 10 November 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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I love a coach who doesn't waste words on all of the coach speak. Bruce Pearl said during his appearance on Tiger Talk that UAB is the most talented basketball team in the state of Alabama.


The women will host an NCAA Regional this Saturday evening, so stay in town after the UGA game and check out the ladies taking on Southeastern Louisiana.


Blake's TAKES are really good this week. He covers the A&M game, possible bowl opportunities, and the upcoming game against UGA.

Dr Z is a little more optimistic now, too, in this week's Hindsight piece. It's amazing how a really good performance can make you examine the outlook for the future. Examine. Dr Z. Get it? I'll stop, now.

WarRoom Eagle examined Daniel Carlson's year so far and tried to come up with some way to measure him against the other really good field goal kickers in college football, since he's a semi-finalist for the Lou Groza Award

Speaking of #Legatron, he was recognized as a Lou Groza Award "star of the week." This is the second time this season for that, which speaks well of his chances of at least making the finalist list.

UGA is going to use two quarterbacks against the Tigers. Both are typical pocket passers, and that hopefully bodes well for the Tigers. They've done well shutting down most rushing attacks not named Leonard Fournette, and if they keep the Dawgs from running, I think Auburn's offense can do enough to win.

Jeremy Johnson wasn't playing "uptight" Saturday night, and it showed. We talked about a lot of his issues being mental, and if he was placing too much of a burden on himself, that could give you tunnel vision. You could tell he was loose and excited against the Aggies. If he starts (and I have a feeling he will) this weekend, hopefully it's more of the same.

So who is going to play QB for Auburn, then? Yeah, we don't really know on that one, yet. Gus wasn't saying during his appearance on Tiger Talk. My money is on Jeremy Johnson, though, as I just mentioned.

What Gus did say is that Jeremiah Dinson is done for the season. He didn't go into specifics. I really hope it's not more serious than just being done for this season. Dinson has shown a lot of promise. He saw his first action in the first game of the season. And ESPN can still f^ck right off for focusing on Kyler Murray and making zero mention of a dirty blind-side hit that ended Dinson's season.

The Idaho game is set for a 3pm kickoff, which is great, because it's anything other than 11am. The Iron Bowl is likely to be a night game, since CBS has already tabbed Alabama for the fifth time next week, so you can bet ESPN will snatch the Iron Bowl as the prime time game for the first time since, I don't know, 2007?