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Jeremiah Dinson Out for Season, No Word on Starting QB or Running Back

Gus Malzahn spoke with the media today about the A&M game and the upcoming UGA game. All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

First, I can't believe the number of injuries Dinson sustained on that block. Maybe you can argue it wasn't targeting, but that type of block is banned in the NFL. It should certainly be banned in college, too. That was horrific. ESPN can still do unspeakable things to themselves for focusing on the Kyler Murray hit over Dinson's injury, though. Seriously, they barely even discussed that Dinson was hurt. It was horrible.

Not shocked on the QB discussion. We're not going to know the starter until game time. As for the running backs... come on, man. Jovon Robinson is the main guy. Kerryon Johnson is amazing, but I'm not sure he's ready to pick up the blocks. Peyton has been the man all season long and I love him for what he's done, but Jovon has that added extra bit to his game that makes him the man.

Isn't this almost the exact same discussion from last week? Then it was a wide receiver out for the season and now it's a DB, but still. Injuries have definitely taken their toll on the Tigers in 2015. There really isn't a lot of meat to this, as Gus is the master of Coach-Speak. Stick around for the little extra at the end to brighten your day, though.

*Edit: I have to include a late thought... I still don't think the fact Gus is saying Rhett called most of the effective plays and let him handle a lot more this week has been discussed enough. Maybe it will after this PC. I may write something on it, later. Because that's a really big deal to me for a number of reasons. Not least of which it was the most effective the offense has been all season.

Oh, and just because...