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The AUperations Order: FRAGORD 10, Georgia Bulldogs

Our weekly military-style preview is a bit early this week. I figured it was appropriate on Veteran's Day. Plus Friday is going to get crowded with basketball posts, too.

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I've used this picture a lot for this article, but it's because it's one of my favorites. It's a great photo.
I've used this picture a lot for this article, but it's because it's one of my favorites. It's a great photo.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The base OPORD for the 2015 football season can be found here.

FRAGORD 1: Louisville

FRAGORD 2: Jacksonville State


FRAGORD 4: Mississippi State

FRAGORD 5: San Jose State

FRAGORD 6: Kentucky Wildcats

FRAGORD 7: Arkansas Razorbacks

FRAGORD 8: Ole Miss Rebels

FRAGORD 9: Texas A&M Aggies

FRAGORD 10: Georgia Bulldogs

Time Zone Used Throughout: Central Standard Time.

Light and Weather Data: No electric illumination should be necessary during the game as it will be played in full daylight. Currently there is no chance of precipitation at the scheduled game time. The high for the day is 59 degrees, with a low of 38.

Terrain: The immaculate natural grass surface of Pat Dye Field.


a) Enemy -

Intelligence reports indicate the enemy is an Eastern Division SEC foe led by a coach who is just a saint of a man. Just... a real saint. Man, he's a good guy. Their offense will be led by multiple quarterbacks and has struggled since the injury to their star running back (get well, Nick; we don't like the Dawgs, but injury to real talent is horrible). Another possible reason is an infection of a disease known as NFLAIDS caught from their offensive coordinator. On the defensive side of the ball they remain a tough unit with a history of shutting down the Auburn offensive attack. The Most Likely Course of Action is that they will attempt to beat the Tigers' defense through heavy application of the run game. The Most Dangerous Course of Action is that they are able to develop a passing attack to go along with the run and are effective in limiting Auburn's offensive production on the ground and in the air.

b) Friendly -

(1) Higher Unit Mission Two Levels Up: No Change

(2) Higher Unit Mission One Level Up: No Change

c) Civil Considerations:

The local population will be friendly to the Auburn Tigers.

d) Attachments & Detachments:

Attachments: Auburn Cheerleaders, Aubie the Tiger. Unknown whether the Auburn University Marching Band will be with the team.

Detachments: None.


The Auburn Tigers Football Team competes against the Georgia Bulldogs on 14 November 2015 at 11:00am CST at Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL, in order to better the national perception of Auburn Football and to work towards post-season play.


a) Concept of the Operation.

The football team will play four quarters of fast, physical football against the Georgia Bulldogs with each portion of the team performing special duties  assigned to them.

Scheme of Maneuver.

The operation will consist of multiple phases. Phase 1- the planning and preparation phase - began with practice following the Texas A&M game and will end with the Reverse Tiger Walk on Friday afternoon when the team departs for the Remain Over Night (RON) site. Phase 2 - the travel phase - begins upon departure for the RON site and ends with Tiger Walk. Phase 3 - the execution phase - begins upon arrival at Jordan-Hare Stadium and consists of pre-game warm-ups and game activity. It will end upon completion of the contest. Phase 4 - the recovery phase - begins with post-game locker-room activities, and ends Sunday when the Tigers return to the practice field.

Offense, the main effort, will attack the Georgia defense using power-runs and play-action passes. Utilizing runs away from motion and stacking receivers as in the Texas A&M game should help. The quarterback is unknown, but protection of the QB will be essential. If it's Jeremy Johnson, Auburn should open up the passing game as he gets more comfortable. A healthy dose of the Kerryon Johnson wildcat play will likely be utilized, as well. Explosive plays via deep passes to Ricardo Louis, Tony Stevens, Jason Smith, or other Auburn wide receivers should be attempted at least once per quarter. Jovon Robinson should be used early and often to open up the passing game. Peyton Barber should be given enough carries early on that by the 3rd and 4th quarter he's building up that late-game head of steam that has served him so well, this year. In addition, the offense should attempt to stay ahead of the chains, not beat itself with penalties, and take advantage of pace in order to confuse the defense.

Defense, a supporting effort, will employ fast/physical assaults on the opponent's offense. Georgia's strength is in its rushing game. Containment at the line will be essential. They will also likely attempt to attack Auburn's secondary through the air, and all efforts should be made to continue the current turnover trends. The defensive line of Auburn should focus on getting to the quarterback on passing plays and not over-pursuing in the backfield and allowing the running backs to break through to the second level. Communication between defensive efforts is also key, and care should be taken with new or younger personnel who are still relatively inexperienced.

Special Teams, a supporting effort, will conduct all kicking and returning duties. The return team should provide holes for the return man. The return team should exercise caution, but definitely take advantages to use Auburn's speed on returns to set the offense up in good field position. All advantages should be taken if it is observed that the opposing team has "only fat guys" on the field.

b) Task to Subordinate Units

(1) Offense. Task: Conduct fast/physical hurry-up, no-huddle offensive maneuvers via ground and air attacks. Please. Fast. Go fast. Let's see more of what we saw against A&M. Jovon Robinson should be used to gain chunks of yardage on the ground to facilitate the hurry-up aspect. Purpose: Move the ball into scoring position in order to score more points than the opponent.

(2) Defense. Task: Generate a pass rush to attack an inexperience quarterback while not allowing him to break containment. Purpose: Keep UGA from scoring points. Duh.

(3) Special Teams. No change

c) Coordinating Instructions

(1) Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR): No change

(2) Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIR): No change

(3) Friendly Force Intelligence Requirements (FFIR): No change

(4) Essential Elements of Friendly Information (EEFI): No change

(2) Timeline

Friday, 4:45pm: Reverse Tiger Walk

Saturday, 7:00am: Tiger Transit Service Begins

Saturday, 9:00am: Tiger Walk, All Gates Open

Saturday, 9:40am: Spirit March (east and west ends of Heisman and north and south ends of Donahue)

Saturday, 9:45am: Pep Rally (Heisman and Donahue)

Saturday, 10:51am: Eagle Flight

Saturday, 10:53am: Band takes the field

Saturday, 11:00am: Kickoff


a) Logistics

(1) Supply: No change

(2) Transportation: Charter buses will take the team from Auburn to the RON site and return the team to Auburn for the game

b) Personnel

No change

c) Medical

SEC Medical Observers will monitor each game for possible concussion issues. MEDEVAC is available upon request


a) Command - No Change

b) Signal

1) Call Signs - No Change

2) Challenge / Password - No Change

3) Running Password - No Change

4) Frequencies

TV: CBS (sans Verne and Gary!)

Stream: CBS Sports Online

Internet Audio: Auburn IMG Network

Satellite Radio: Sirius, XM 81

The time is now FOOTBALL. What are your questions?