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Auburn Basketball vs UAB Game Open Thread

It's tip-off time!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

That's right, folks, it's time for Auburn Basketball! Rod and Sonny have the call, and you'll be watching the in-house feed. So no commercials, but also some things won't be able to be played if they have certain copyright stipulations. It's going to be strange and different, but through a late push the school was able to pull of getting this game to happen. If you want to know the full story behind it all, wrote about it late last night.

So where CAN you watch the game? Only on SEC Network + (online). Here's a brief preview of the game and some information for you on how to watch.

Before the game tips, though, take some time to read this piece by Tuco. He covers the brief history of the Auburn - UAB basketball rivalry (UAB leads 10-7) and how it used to be played the night before the Iron Bowl. He also gets in the necessary dig at Alabama for never having scheduled the Blazers, themselves.

Year Two of the Bruce Pearl Era begins now. It's time for Auburn Basketball.