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Auburn vs Georgia Game Open Thread

It's the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. Let's get it on.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

First, can I just say WAR DAMN AUBURN BASKETBALL! What a win, last night against the UAB Blazers. Check out the recap of the game, here. The next basketball game is Tuesday afternoon against Colorado. I don't have tickets to that one, yet, but I'm going to be there. I cancelled my afternoon class (because of a staff ride that morning, so I'm not doing the morning class, either (I swear I didn't plan it that way just for this (ok, I did))), so I'm going to find a way to be in the Arena.

As for now, well, it's another 11am start. That's less than ideal. However, it's still the Georgia game. It's strange, really. I just don't feel the normal sense of urgency and anticipation that I've felt before most UGA games. I don't know if that's because both teams are struggling or because I have way too much confidence that UGA's offense is struggling and Auburn's defense is starting to find itself. I guess we'll see.

For those not in town, here's your place to talk about the game. I'll be in the stadium screaming my head off. I don't plan on having a voice after this one. I hate UGA more than I do Alabama because I grew up in the Peach State as the long Tiger in a sea of DWAGS.

War Eagle. Always.