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Auburn Fumbles Away a Great Defensive Performance. Falls 20-13 to UGA.

The Tigers lost the battle of bad offense.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

This may sound a little strange given the last few years, but the defense played more than well enough to win this game. Unfortunately, it's never been clearer that Auburn has issues with the offense.

I'm not as down on the coaches as many of you, though I do think this loss rests with them. I don't know why we decide to throw the ball in the 3rd quarter. I don't know why we decided to even attempt to play Sean White when it was obvious he was hobbled. Those decisions definitely lie with the coaches.

When the Tigers stuck with the run, the offense moved the ball. When they decided to throw, it didn't work. Auburn's turnover luck, which had been spectacular since the LSU game, suddenly disappeared.

The Tigers were very much still in the game until the Sean White fumble. And yes, I do think it was a fumble. His arm was going forward because of the impact of the hit. Even then the Tigers were still in it. If Ricardo Louis scores instead of fumbling, Auburn still has three time outs and time on the clock.

It just wasn't enough. Jeremy Johnson had issues overthrowing receivers. Sean White wasn't healthy enough to step into his throws or maneuver out of the pocket. They shouldn't have been asked to throw the football at all, though.

For all of the offense's woes, the defense played amazing. They came up with great short yardage stops. They held UGA to a field goal after the White fumble. They did their job, even though they were asked to be on the field for a lot of time. They did their job.

I believe Auburn could have won this game. However, I don't think this loss is as bad as some seem to think. UGA has a good defense. This is just Murphy's year. If it can go wrong, it has. I think a healthy Sean White playing this game and Auburn wins. Sean White wasnt healthy. I do still think we could have won if we'd just stuck with running the football, though. Losing starting center Austin Golson early in the 2nd half hurt a lot.

Auburn can still make a bowl game. They play Idaho next Saturday. I think Jacksonville State would handle Idaho easily. There are definitely questions that will have to be answered once this season is over, though.