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Hindsight is 20/20-"Tip your cap and call them your daddy."

Dr. Z wonders what's in that Double Bubble.

Al Bello/Getty Images

In 2004, after getting whipped by the New York Yankees in the ALCS, Pedro Martinez famously said "They beat me. They're that good right now. They're that hot. I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy"

After Georgia 20 Auburn 13, many Auburn fans may be thinking the same thing.  Well, except that Georgia is not that good and Auburn kind of beat themselves in this one, adding a new chapter to the book about 2015.  A book we should all burn before reading, not after.

Mark Richt is now 8 for his last 10 against Auburn.  And he has totally changed the narrative of the series from "the road team always wins" to Georgia kicks the crap out of Auburn when Auburn has nothing to play for."  Mr. Nice Guy who was firing his defensive coordinator two weeks ago (allegedly) now is poised for a nine win season.

At the same time, Gus Malzahn, Auburn's can't miss offensive genius and his boy wonder protege now look like Harry and Lloyd riding up a mountain in Colorado on a moped.

Most of it is due to lack of confidence in Jeremy Johnson.  His passing numbers Saturday might rival what a 40 year old optometrists who never played quarterback might have looked like.  Other than a couple misses to Kerryon Johnson, Auburn did not try at all to throw the ball down the field against Georgia.  How Malzahn staked the season on Jeremy is beyond me.  And I do not blame Jeremy for that.  I put it totally of Malzahn and Lashlee.

Yet if Gus had just left well enough alone, run the ball, protect the lead, and kick a couple field goals Auburn wins the game with Johnson under center.  The offense was doing well enough to do that even with Johnson  not passing beyond 5 yards down the field.  The runs were working.  The defense was playing well enough to win.  The clock was running.

Enter Sean White.  A crippled Sean White.

From section twelve I see he has on a knee brace as big as my 5 year old son.  His first throw looks bad.  His next two look worse.  And Georgia is teeing off on him.  He's not mobile enough on the gimpy leg to get away or step into a throw.  Everyone can see it on the first throw of the first series.

Then Gus left him in for 2 more series.  A punt return for a touchdown and a sack/fumble follow and the game is over.

I have no if  idea Double Bubble has a flavor called "hallucinogenic mushroom", but it sure seemed like it Saturday afternoon.

The bottom line is quarterback development at Auburn is non-existent at this point.  We have two quarterbacks who have both gotten worse.  One caused by a knee injury, another with a case of  no-confidence.   Both cases, it's on the head coach, who has not earned his paycheck in 2015.

And the fact there is not a quarterback on the roster that is a dual threat after what we've seen the last two years and in 2010 is a travesty in its own right.

Auburn's defense played plenty well enough to win the game.  Yes, Georgia's offense is a train wreck in its own way, but I thought Muschamp's crew played well.  The are physical, they run to the football, and they tackle well.

My guess is they keep Auburn in the game vs Alabama long enough for Gus to do something colossally stupid again.

Oh my God am I ready for this football season to be over.