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Plays and Players of the Game: Georgia at Auburn

Win or lose, some players made some plays!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Let me be honest. I watched maybe 30 minutes of this game. I had several kid-related commitments in the morning, and we made it back to the house as Auburn was going into the half. Twitter said things looked OK, outside of the first Johnson interception. As the UGA punt returner ran into the endzone, I yelled "Turn it off!" I can't remember ever doing that before. I sat in the cold and rain and watched the seconds tick off the clock as the 2006 season went down the drain against Georgia. Even for the entirety of 2012, I left the TV on and did other things. But, this was too frustrating--the game last week had given us hope--this game was too much to handle.

All that being said, the defense, in the limited amount of game that I saw, played well enough to win this game. No Auburn team should lose because the defense gave up a whopping 20 points at home.

The rest of the C&M staff had things to say, gifs, songs and emojis to share.


100% on coaching, or lack of. Poor game plan, pathetic play calling. Zero offensive adjustment. This game was Gus/Rhett pissing lighter fluid into the burning dumpster of our season.

Problem is, Gus will never fire Rhett and no one will hire him away after this season.


Best Game Day Experience

It's like when Shawn Michaels realized the only way he could ever be great was by putting his friend and tag team partner Marty Jannetty (former Auburn scholarship wrestler) through the barbershop window. Sometimes friends gotta eat sweet chin music, you guys.

*Best Game Day Experience in the country.


Time for Rhett to go. At least Muschamp has the defense playing lights out. War Eagle always, y'all.


I get trying Sean. I do.

Rhett clearly had the reigns today, and it was not good. Downright bad. We have to find something next week. I wish I had answers, but they don't pay me for it.

Dammit Auburn. [Table flip emoji]


[red angry emojis]


(Exasperated sigh)

Dr. Z

I like emojis, but gifs better explain my feelings:

Kirk Reaction
The Office
Reaction Gif


I don't get angry. I just, well...


Okay, so, to try to inject some sanity back into this... I still have a player of the game and a play of the game! The player is the entire defense. The play(s) are all the short yardage stuffs. We're finally starting to see a defense like we've wanted. The DBs made some great plays on deep balls. Now if only Gus and Rhett (or Gus and SOMEONE) can get the offense straightened out.

Now to remove that sanity and join the rest of the group. This is how I feel losing to Georgia on a day when our defense performed like that...

Ron Throws Chair

How I felt after having to write the game recap....

Ron Throws out Computer

What I did when I was finished with that...

Pouring Scotch