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Former Auburn Baseball Coach Sunny Golloway Addresses Firing

Unfortunately I don't have much time to give this the justice it deserves, but here's a collection of tweets from the event. It's a hoot.

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

Well, this certainly was interesting. I wasn't able to watch, but it really sounds like Golloway didn't do himself any favors. That could just be because I was only following Auburn folks, though. From the tweets it really sounds like Golloway painted himself as clueless on anything that went on with his program other than direct practices and games.

This press conference lasted well over an hour. It rambled through so many topics I could hardly keep track. From some of the tweets I read, it looked like the actual transcript of the press conference is even nuttier than the below assembled collection of tweets. In short: it was nuts.

Now let's begin our tale. Matthew Stevens from The Montgomery Advertiser began it all with the first series of tweets:

Heh. Have to admit this one was pretty funny.

Well, yeah, there's always this, too: