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Link sAUsage: 20 November 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

No reason for this photo. It was just available and Takeo is the man.
No reason for this photo. It was just available and Takeo is the man.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


The ladies fell at home last night to Virginia. It wasn't very pretty. The Tigers pulled close a few times, but Virginia just pulled away.

Kareem Canty is having fun on the court, and it shows. And when he's on, he's REALLY on. His three point shooting in the first half of Tuesday afternoon's game was a sight to behold.

Bruce Pearl is a bit concerned about Auburn's defense, which is understandable after how many points they've given up in the first two games. Colorado's height advantage was a big help for them, too, though.


Former Tiger Josh Donaldson was named the AL MVP last night. That's pretty danged awesome.


This was in yesterday's link dump, but since the game is today I figured I'd post it again. Here's AU_Jonesy's preview of today's 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament between Texas Tech and Auburn.


Need to know what to watch this weekend? Here's the TV Guide! Hopefully you took my advice and didn't watch the UCF vs ECU game last night. UCF is historically bad and it showed.

Ryan's "Sterritt Score" is out, and there are some definite resemblances to the College Football Playoff. There are some outliers and differences, too. It's still an interesting system and the fact that the top teams are ranked in these rankings does show that it's a good metric for ranking teams.

My weekly AUperations Order preview is up for this weekend's game. Since it's Military Appreciation Day this weekend, that preview is nice and appropriate.

Devaroe Lawrence is finally living up to what coaches knew he was capable of doing. He's been a force at the tackle spot over the last few games. A rotation with him, Russell, and Adams (if Adams returns) could be deadly next season.

ESPN thinks the SEC's scheduling for this weekend is horrible. Personally, I don't care what ESPN thinks. It's a break before the final big rivalry weekend.

Auburn may lose some offensive linemen to the NFL after this season, but there are some good ones behind them. One of those is Darius James, a former 5*, who is sitting out this season after transferring from Texas.