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Auburn vs Georgia Southern Game Open Thread

The Tigers welcome the Eagles

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn Walt: Well, here we are. The type of game I hate.

GS Walt: Yep. It's never fun to have to pick sides when it's the two teams you love most. You're going to be disappointed no matter how it turns out.

Auburn Walt: So what do you think?

GS Walt: I think Coach Byington's Eagles are going to come in with a lot of confidence after their trip to Ole Miss. They know that they had a good chance in that one if they just didn't foul so much. Or if the refs hadn't called so many fouls.

Auburn Walt: Know that feeling, man. Auburn was called for a bunch of dumb fouls against Colorado Tuesday afternoon. It also didn't help that the Tigers only shot 52% on Free Throws.

GS Walt: 52%? Woof. That's bad. Georgia Southern wasn't much better, mind you. But not THAT bad.

Auburn Walt: Auburn has the offensive talent to play with a lot of teams, but the defense needs some work. Horace Spencer is going to be someone to watch. I know the Eagles love to shoot 3s, and Spencer has no qualms on climbing the ladder and swatting those back down.

GS Walt: The Eagles are definitely a three point team. I think half their FGs made this season have been from 3.

Auburn Walt: In a way I'm ok with that. Auburn has struggled some on defense. It helps knowing they're not as likely to drive to the basket Plus the Eagles don't have the kind of height advantage that let the Buffaloes drive the basket and just lay it in over the top.

GS Walt: No, the Eagles aren't tall, but they're not much smaller than Auburn.

Auburn Walt: Nope. Which means I think this game comes down to talent and experience. So, ultimately I think the older Tigers will win out. It may be a bit closer than Vegas says - the three point shots will make sure of that - but ultimately the Tigers pull away.

GS Walt: I hate to admit it, but you're probably right. Hail Southern!

Auburn Walt: War Eagle!