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Auburn vs Idaho: Staff Predictions and Morning Open Thread

What does the staff think about this one?

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Does Auburn play down to its competition again? I don't think this game is very pretty. I don't know that we will throw more than 10 passes, and may not eclipse that many yards if they're all behind the LOS like last week.

Good news though, Peyton "Floyd the" Barber will get the 100 yards he needs to hit the 1000 yard mark for the season and the coaches will be tickled pink with a 27-10 win. They'll celebrate achieving bowl eligibility by doing some dance I've never heard of and certainly can't pull off. It will be glorious times.

Let's play a game.... Predict how many passes are attempted and the total passing yards. Go.

Dr Z

I think Auburn will throw a good bit in this game because they'll have to do something vertically against the Bama D to have a chance to win the...What the hell am I talking about?

38-13 AU.


Don't get me wrong, I want Auburn to sling it all over the yard against Idaho. I'd love to see JJ throw for 300 and change. I just don't see Gus doing that.


I can see us throwing a lot more just to try to get him feeling better. We're going to need to throw the ball against Alabama to make that less embarrassing.


Auburn 33 Idaho 17. I'd hate to admit how many of Auburn's points I think will be field goals. Peyton Barber breaks 1,000 yards for the year in the first half then Auburn gets down to the serious business of running Jovon Robinson for the rest of the year.

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 31
Idaho 24

Has anyone seen my phone? Also, I can't seem to log on to my Twitter account.

Oscar Whiskey

Auburn wins by scoring more points than Idaho.

WarRoom Eagle

[wakes up from three-month-long nap]

Yaaaawn. Good golly what a nap. Seems I've been asleep since August. You've got to be kidding me. I ask "how many days?" for so many days and then I sleep through most of the football season? And worse, a season in which Auburn was going to be so, so good? Ugh.

Predictions? Umm, let's see, this should be Auburn's 11th game, so, without looking, we're probably 9-1. College Station didn't treat us well, I'm sure. I bet y'all have had a lot of fun yelling about the Playoff Committee's rankings, huh? Anyway, Jeremy Johnson puts up enough numbers in the first half to keep his Heisman campaign humming before Sean White comes in to hand the ball off and run the clock. Carl Lawson breaks double digits in sacks for the year. Roc Thomas and Jovon Robinson get a few touches before handing it over to Peyton Barber and Kerryon Johnson (assuming we burned his redshirt). Oh, and Duke Williams breaks 1000 yards receiving in this game if he hasn't already. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE

Auburn 56, Idaho 6

[falls back asleep]


Wait, I didn't realize Rip Van Winkling was an option here. I've been Pappy Van Winkling instead. I want my money back!
Auburn [crazy cobbled patchwork of more points], Idaho [blessedly fewer points]


Daniel Carlson for the win.


Idaho is bad. Really bad. As in "had a 24-0 lead on South Alabama and lost 52-45" bad.

Auburn 34
Idaho 0


Idaho's QB isn't bad. However, he no longer has Dezmon Epps to throw to. They're going to struggle to get anything going on offense. Auburn may struggle a bit too if we try to throw the ball all day. If we just stick with running the ball, their run D is pretty bad, so we'll be able to move the ball. Auburn wins. It may look close if we work on the passing game, but ultimately Auburn will control the game. By the 4th quarter I'll be watching Georgia Southern vs Georgia on my iPad and hopefully looking for a bar to watch the end of that one once the game ends.