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Link sAUsage: 23 November 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The competition ended Friday, and Auburn doubled up the Tide's contribution to take this year's event! I'm sure Peggy will have more to say on this tomorrow, since she dedicated last week's Undercover Barner to the subject.


Going back to Friday night, the Tigers had a great night (at least in the second half) against visiting Georgia Southern. For once the Tigers were able to overcome the late first half slump and really pull away from an opponent.

Meanwhile, the ladies travelled to Savannah to face Savannah State and had a pretty good afternoon, themselves. I'm sure they needed that pick-me-up following the loss to Virginia at home last Thursday.


It was a fun ride, as the Tigers made the first Sweet 16 in school history. Unfortunately, that's where it ended. Auburn fell 2-0 to the top seed in their region, Florida State. What a year for Coach Hoppa's squad, though.


The Tigers had their last home match of the season, closing out Arkansas in straight sets. They'll have two road matches this week to close out the regular season.


Auburn defeated the Idaho Vandals Saturday night! You can read my initial recap of the game and then you can check out my further thoughts on the game I had late last night.

Tucker Tuberville was able to lead two drives for the Auburn Tigers. Unfortunately he didn't get to throw the football, but he did register a few carries. Charles Goldberg wrote about his journey and experience for the official site.

Will Muschamp's defense picked up a nice commitment in a 4* JUCO defensive end Saturday evening. While most signs appear to point to Carl Lawson's return for 2016, Paul James will add some much needed quality depth in terms of pass rushers to the defensive line.

Auburn likes the way Jeremy Johnson has been playing in the past few games. It will be essential for him to have a good game against Alabama if the Tigers want to have any chance. Sean White is supposed to be near 100%, though, and Auburn hinted they may play both against Alabama. I almost hope they don't. I don't want Sean White back on the field until he's absolutely 100%. Don't run the risk of ruining that kid's future.

Who will play Center against Alabama? It's looking like it's going to be Danzey with all of the injuries. So Auburn is going to put a third string center up against that defensive front. Joy.

The coordinators met with the media Sunday evening and discussed the Iron Bowl. Apparently Lashlee was asked about his thoughts on his future after the Iron Bowl. I'm honestly shocked it's taken this long for the question to come up.

Are staff changes coming after the 2015 season? It's likely that some are. Just what those changes might be remains to be seen. Auburn running backs coach Tim Horton has submitted his name for the North Texas job. He was offered the head job at Georgia Southern after the 2013 season, but turned it down. He has a long history of coaching great running backs at Arkansas and Auburn and he would definitely be missed if he leaves.

One thing we do know is that Will Muschamp has not been contacted by anyone for any of the openings.