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Plays and Players of the Game: Idaho at Auburn

Win or lose, players made some plays

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

I'm happy to say that I got to watch this win in person. Our little family had a great time in Auburn, as always, and our boys had so much fun cheering on their Tigers. It was a stress free win--minus that first couple of plays from Idaho--and those are rare. Jeremy looked liked we always hoped he would, and maybe this helps to build his confidence. The long throws to Ricardo were beautiful. I joked earlier in the week that I wanted to see the Tucker Tuberville show, and that was mainly because I wasn't confident in our other options. But, when Tucker did run out there, I was thrilled.

Play of the game has to be the Rudy Ford interception, zig-zagging across the field. That was fantastic.


Player of the game: Jovon Robinson. Jeremy played well. I'm also proud of Tony Stevens, but Jovon ran ANGRY.

Play of the game: Rudy Ford's pick 6. That really put things out of reach.


We're bowl eligible! We beat Bama in the Iron Bowl of feeding people! We abandoned the plan to get Peyton to 1000 yards two yards at a time! Tucker Tuberville's daddy saw him play! This game was better than the splinter in my toe!


Are we real sure we can't get Ford some carries? He's exciting with the ball in his hands. Glad to see the bench get cleared at least once this season.

Dr. Z

And Auburn is Petrino state champions?


My favorite part of the game was Jeremy Johnson doing his best Nick Marshall impression. Keeping the ball on the zone read, two rushing touchdowns, at least two pop passes, just chuckin' it deep to a wide receiver to see if he can beat his man, and most importantly, taking care of the football. Before Nick got to Auburn, a big concern was the number of interceptions he threw in junior college, but under Gus Malzahn, he was able to limit his turnovers considerably. Yeah, it was Idaho, but has Jeremy turned a corner?


Player of the game? That's actually pretty tough. I'm going to take the easy way out and say Jeremy Johnson. He looked poised, he made good decisions on the zone reads, he made some pretty good passes. It was against Idaho, but he was what we hoped he would be.

Play of the game, Actual Game Time Division: The Rudy Ford interception. That was pretty much the end of any hopes Idaho had of being one of the many G5 (or lower) teams to scare or upset an SEC team.

Play of the game, Feel Good Time Division: Tucker Tuberville handing the ball off to Lawyer Tillman.