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Link sAUsage: 24 November 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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It's all football, today! Special shout-out to the guy whom I forgot to mention yesterday who recognized me at Halftimes in Auburn Saturday night just because I requested they put the Georgia Southern / UGA game on one of the bar TVs so we could watch it. I never did ask his name, which I feel bad about, but it's always nice to meet someone who reads the site!


Blakes TAKES cover all manner of things this week. From almost getting stranded in the backwoods of southeastern Georgia on I-16, to the Iron Bowl, to how Nick Saban is ruining college football. It's a must read.

What/who were the plays and players of the game for the Idaho game? It seems like the play of the game was fairly constant across most of the staff. The players was a bit more wide-spread, though.

Dr Z examined the Idaho game and also looks ahead just a little bit to the Iron Bowl. He's also got some pretty good TAKES on that game and the season in general.

Were you at the Idaho game? No? Well then you missed the "Get To Know" feature on Carl Lawson. Carl is just... the best. I mean seriously, the best. Go to that video. You'd expect someone like him to be all business like and mean. Nope. He's like a little kid and it's awesome.

Feel free to go eat yourself someone Alabama defensive linemen, though, Carl. Especially since Alabama's center said in a press conference that he has no idea who Carl Lawson is. That's either some SERIOUS shade, or just maybe someone who really doesn't pay attention to anything but the ga... no, nope, there's no way he doesn't have any idea who Carl Lawson is. That's shade. CARL GOTTA EAT.

Oh, and then one of Alabama's DB's called Auburn's wide receivers "nothing special," and hey, I can't really disagree, but that's still some serious shade.

How will Auburn play in the Iron Bowl? Personally, I'm hoping Gus pulls out all the stops. I'm hoping he coaches this one like he did the 2009 Iron Bowl (as Peggy mentioned on Twitter) or the 2011 Peach Bowl. Go nuts, Gus. Be the Mad Scientist we all know that you can be. We at least know that Gus said you have to be aggressive and wouldn't say much more than that.

Thankfully Roc Thomas showed in his brief appearance against Idaho that he's healthy. He had four carries and ended up third on the team in rushing. One of them was a great run for a touchdown. That means that for the first time since the Louisville game, it looks like all of Auburn's tailbacks will be healthy at the same time.

Auburn will have a special coach on the sidelines for the Iron Bowl in the "Honorary Coach" role. That would be one Cameron Newton. Maybe you've heard of him.

Oh, I'm sorry, you've been here for four years and feel like you deserve to be given your spots? WILL MUSCHAMP SAYS NO. The official site highlights Coach Boom's willingness to go different routes with his lineups and play new people. It's given us true freshman Carlton Davis, Cass McKinzy revitalized as Buck/DE, and therefore I am not going to complain in the least.

Shon Coleman was given the James Owens Courage Award Saturday evening. Coleman has a great story having been diagnosed with cancer shortly after signing with Auburn, going through all the time to recover, and then starting at left tackle for the last two seasons.