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Link sAUsage: 25 November 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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At Tennessee, the Bruce Pearl Family Foundation had OUTLIVE for the fight against cancer. At Auburn, he's branded it AUTLIVE. Get it? There's even t-shirts. So guess what game this will really play into? The Tennessee game! Go figure. Read more about it all here.


Casey Ramsier was named to the Capital One Academic All American Team. That's a fantastic accomplishment!


The Undercover Barner covered a lot this week. From the Iron Bowl of Feeding People to the Iron Bowl itself.

The official Twitter account had fun with Alabama's Center saying he didn't know who Carl Lawson was. They tweeted out the video of his "Get to Know" video from Saturday's game so that "some people" could learn who he is. It's a fun segment, too. Carl seems so lighthearted and playful and that just makes me like him a whole lot more.

#Legatron was named a Lou Groza Award Finalist for the nation's top kicker! That should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen the year he's put together, though.

Gus Malzahn's weekly press conference was yesterday, and he discussed a bunch of the same things he always does in the same manner that he always does. Who is the QB? We don't know. RB? We need all of them? Injuries? They're day-to-day.

Speaking of that press conference, there sure were some different ways to focus on Gus Malzahn "not giving away secrets" for his Iron Bowl plan. Some wrote it as he had light-hearted fun with the question. Others wrote it like it was a rant and he was miffed at the question or something. Here's the official site on it. Here's's take (the one about the rant, of course) and here's them going even further into Gus' determination to "keep secrets." Meanwhile, the local paper portrayed it more as him joking.

If you want to see that in a simpler form, here's WarRoom Eagle's tweet from last night on the subject: is asking if Auburn is primed to get the upset this weekend? If Jeremy Johnson comes out and plays like we all thought he would and similar to how he did in the Texas A&M game, then it's possible.

ESPN focuses on the top games, moments, battles, etc in Iron Bowl history. Check it out for a look at some good memories and some very bad ones.

How did former Tigers do in the NFL during this past week? Well, here's a hint that's also become a common occurrence: Cam Newton had a pretty good weekend.