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Link sAUsage: 26 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Everything on the site will pretty much be done on auto-pilot, today, with articles scheduled to publish. If there's anything breaking, we'll definitely get a FanShot at least and then address it when we can. Enjoy the time with your families, have a great day, eat lots of food, and get ready for some football!


New Williams is back at practice, and that's big news for the Tigers. He's a great shooter, and he'll add even more of a scoring threat to a Tigers basketball team that's already looking pretty exciting.


In case I don't link the article in time, here's the news from last night's victory over Tennessee in Knoxville. The volleyball team closes out the regular season at Kentucky Friday night.


Hey, did you hear Auburn picked up a commitment from the #1 wide receiver in the nation, yesterday? I certainly hope you heard about it. It was kind of a really big deal. See what we had to say about Davis and his commitment, yesterday.

Oscar Whiskey looks at Iron Bowls past and contemplates Iron Bowls future with this week's Whiskey Wednesday post. It's a must-read, as all of his have been this season.

WarRoom Eagle examined Jeremy Johnson's performance against Idaho and how for the first time all season we really saw a hint of the QB zone read being used effectively. Auburn's going to need something like that to have success against Alabama.

Now it's "paranoia + pressure = entertaining Gus"? Wow. Ok. Like any coach is going to go into a bunch of details on what he's going to do in the big rivalry game right beforehand.

Rhett Lashlee discussed Auburn's need to keep the foot on the gas to beat Alabama. A quick touchdown on the first drive followed by stagnation has been a theme lately. Hopefully the Tigers work that out.

An ESPN video discusses the whole "throw out the record books" adage when it comes to rivalries. Of course they use the Iron Bowl. The sad fact of this game is that the favored team usually wins. There's no throwing out the record book. This game usually ends exactly how people think it will.

Gary Danielson has three keys for Auburn if the Tigers hope to pull off the big upset this weekend over Alabama.