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Iron Bowl Staff Predictions

Some of the Staff weigh in.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


Auburn 17 Alabama 31. It'll be close most of the game. Alabama will grind out drives while Auburn scores on big plays. Jovon goes for 60 yards and Jason Smith adds 50 on the ground and 50 more through the air.


I want so badly to think Auburn can keep this close for 4 quarters, but I don't think they do. I think they keep it close for 3 quarters and Alabama wears Auburn down in the 4th quarter. Auburn 13 Alabama 28.


Auburn will let it fly but they don't have enough firepower. Alabama's D is too good. Neither of our QBs will be able to stretch the field which will kill us. 35-10 Alabama.


I don't trust our offense to score enough points. Sad, but true.


Auburn comes out with their hair on fire reminiscent of 2009. This time Alabama doesn't have a quarterback that can lead them back. Henry gets more than the 30 yards Ingram had, but it isn't enough.

Auburn 23 Alabama 21. Griffith misses from 45 to lose it.


Dr Z

Sorry I didn't get a memory in. We were on the road to good ole Rocky Top for Thanksgiving. What do you say we make make a new memory today?

I wrote in 2013 that Auburn was America's team on Iron Bowl Saturday. It's still true today. Alabama's the evil empire and Auburn's is Han Solo (I like him better than Luke Skywalker).

And Alabama players are more overconfident than an imperial officer.

Maybe we blow up the Death Star just one more time.

War Eagle and may the force be with you.

Bobby Barkley

Let them turn the ball over/commit penalties on special teams plays. I don't care how many punt returns for touchdowns Cyrus Jones has against awful teams. Special teams is a weakness for Saban. For goodness sakes, he made a linebacker into a kicker, whose awful percentages made Saban turn to a freshman, who took three years to become average at the one job he's supposed to do.

Protect the ball. Don't give them any reason to build momentum. Their entire system is built on momentum. LSU couldn't match it. Moo U couldn't match it. Auburn has before, even in defeat. Luckily, Auburn won't have time to lolly gag on offense in the 3rd quarter because Bama will have a drive that lasts ten minutes. Maybe another one in the 4th.

Show no mercy, for you will be shown none.

Auburn 34
Bama 31

In bello parvis momentis magni casus intercedunt.

War Damn Eagle til I die.


I want to believe that the visions in my head of #Legatron showing Alabama what a good field goal kicker really looks like on a bomb of a game winner will come true. I just don't think Auburn's offense is capable of scoring enough points to put us in that situation. If the Jeremy Johnson of last week is able to play in that manner, then it could happen. If Sean White plays and he has a game like he did against Arkansas (with receivers catching the ball), then it could happen. I do believe Auburn's defense will perform better than many think. We'll all find out very soon.