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Auburn vs Alabama Iron Bowl Game Open Thread

Let's talk the Iron Bowl

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

David was an underdog vs Goliath. That's what Shug told us. That's about what it feels like, today.

The worst part is knowing how close we are to that not being the case. Auburn was a few key cogs from having a great team. I think if the defense could have adjusted with Lawson at the heart for the whole season, then they have a great year by the time we're where we are now. A good quarterback and we're looking at a different situation, too.

Never underestimate how much having to substitute as much as the Tigers have hurting, too. Gus doesn't like to slow down. The Hurry-Up has been almost non-existent for much of the season. I suspect that will not be the case, today, even if it puts Auburn in personnel situations they don't really like. Auburn needs pace to affect the way Nick Saban and Kirby Smart work their defense.

It's a big battle for the Tigers if they hope to pull off the upset. It's time to play the big one. It's Iron Bowl time.