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Wide Receiver Out For Season, Expanded Running Back Roles the talk of Malzahn's Weekly Press Conference

Gus Malzahn met with the media for his weekly press conference. All credit to the beat writers who were there. They do the hard work while I try my best to sum this stuff up for you during an early lunch break at work.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Stanton Truitt is done for the season. That's rough news for a kid who played all of 1-2 snaps last season before a knee injury ended the year. At least it's not another knee, though. He'll have surgery on his shoulder and hopefully be back next season.

I do love reading the Tony Stevens is seeing a bigger role. He's looked good the last few games, and he's the person I pegged to be the Sammie Coates replacement. We need a deep threat other than Ricardo Louis.

As far as the running backs, I certainly hope we see more of Jovon Robinson this weekend. We may be the healthiest we've been all season at that position, this week. I know many folks really hate the Wildcat, but if you're going to ride Sean White as the QB, you have to have that Wildcat play in there. Ideally we'll get to where you still leave White in there as a receiver rather than bringing JJ in, but we'll see if that happens. Doing that would allow you to run the play at pace.

I'm glad to know Wallace is getting a lot of snaps at QB. If Sean White goes down, I'm really not convinced that Wallace isn't the best option behind him. In pure athletic talent, it's obviously Jeremy Johnson. However, whatever magic JJ had in his previous appearances has disappeared. I'm still trying to understand how that happened. He was so dang good in his previous appearances.

We need Shon Coleman to have his best game as a Tiger this weekend. Myles Garrett is scary, and our QB is on a bum knee. The last thing we can take is him getting hurt. On the flip side, Carl Lawson needs to be ready to go 90% of the time, too. Auburn is facing a mobile QB, and that's been a nightmare for us the last two seasons.

I really hope the TJ Davis setbacks aren't a result of bringing him along too fast. It always seemed way too quickly for someone to come back from ACL surgery.