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Link sAUsage: 4 November 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Do you have a moment to talk about the glories of this block? That guy is getting TOSSED.
Do you have a moment to talk about the glories of this block? That guy is getting TOSSED.
Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports


The highest awards given to Auburn athletes were awarded at Saturday's game to diver Fraser McKean and gymnast Megan Walker.


The SEC Tournament begins this evening for the ladies, as they take on South Carolina. You can tune in to the SEC Network at 7:30 CDT to watch.


Freshman Bryce Brown feels like he'll be ready to play in Thursday night's exhibition. That will, of course, be Bruce Pearl's call, but Brown feels like he'll be able to go.


Peggy drops the mic in her Undercover Barner. No, there's not a glitch. I want to say it's some of her finest work, yet, but she's done a lot of detailed articles that are awesome.

Gus met with the media yesterday in his weekly press conference and addressed the A&M game, Sean White's status, the roles of the running backs, and Stanton Truitt's season-ending injury.

Blake has some really good TAKES for you this week. They're more upbeat than they were a few weeks back. Hopefully he's right in his conclusions. I think he is, personally.

Kyler Murray may present "a challenge" for Auburn's defense. Grass is green. Water is wet. Auburn struggles with a running QB. Or with any QB as someone pointed out, yesterday.

Should Auburn have gotten rid of Tommy Tuberville? That's the question is pondering. I'd still like to know the whole inside story on how that went down, but I wonder if it will ever come to light.

An Auburn equipment manager proposed using playcards. That's pretty funny and an awesome move.

How did Auburn's former Tigers in the NFL fare? Well, if you were watching Monday Night Football the other night, then you saw Quan Bray with some great returns. You also saw Cam Newton throw one of the prettiest passes he's thrown that would have been a walk-off touchdown against Indianapolis, only to have Ted Ginn, Jr drop it when it hit literally (1) right in his hands.