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Auburn vs Texas A&M: Staff Predictions and Early Afternoon Open Thread

Auburn is playing only their second Saturday night game of the year, so here's our predictions and a place for you to discuss the early games!

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Vodka: Eleventy, Me: 0

It may go well or it may go horribly but the sun will come up on Sunday morning either way. War Eagle always.


So it's come to this? "Ahh... Who cares? Bring on Sunday, Go Panthers! #KeepPounding"

I think this game hinges on one thing: turnovers. Ok, two things... Gotta score points too. Whoever can limit turnovers, cause a couple, and convert redzone opportunities into touchdowns will win. 38-34 Tigers. Gotta #KeepPounding.


Does anybody feel good about this game? Maybe we should all just offer our drink of choice for the evening. But, War Eagle, obviously.

Bobby Barkley

Uh, thank goodness that this is a night game? No?

/shoulder shrug

Auburn hasn't played a game this season where both the offense and defense were on the same page (except for that glorious first half against Louisville). If Carl Lawson can give Kyler Murray (or whoever A&M's quarterback is...shoot, they have like, 300) fits like he did last week against Ole Miss, if Sean White can make plays in the air and on the ground, and if Daniel Carlson is still money, then we win, and I don't care by how little or how much. We could win on a safety and I'm happy.

Auburn 30
Texas A&M 28

Oscar Whiskey

I gave my prediction on Good Bull Hunting's Bullcast last night


I don't even know. We're average. They appear to be kinda average. Garrett scares the crap out of me, especially if Sean isn't 100%. With Texas A&M and Georgia, I always assume we will be the game where they actually start to figure things out on offense. The thought of Kris Frost trying to run down Kyler Murray gives me heartburn.

That said, I'm with the rest of the crew. For some reason I think Auburn forces some turnovers and somehow pulls this out. We're 1-1 in those badass white jerseys. Let's make it 2.

Dr Z

Remember A&M struggled with Carolina last week.

I think Auburn wins this game. At this point we are overlooked. More Kerryon and Jovon and play action. Less Jeremy-Cat too please.

Auburn 31
Corps-Turds (what they're called in Texas) 23


This game is like that episode of Futurama where the gang flew to the edge of the universe to wave at themselves from the alternate cowboy universe. I look across the West and I see an ag school team that opened out 2015 with a seemingly impressive but fading win that has since inexplicably struggled on offense despite a coach who is supposed to be an offensive genius. I see a team that is being run by freshmen and sophomores that for some reason expected better this season.

There are two differences between the teams (other than Alternate Cowboy Universe Auburn's exquisite choice in hats). First, Alternate Cowboy Universe Auburn is playing at home. But really, why is everyone so impressed by Kyle Field? Sure it can seat 105,000 people but they've lost every game in which they've done so. Gigatron is big but Mothratron is bigger. Auburn has played in front of scary crowds before and will do so again.

Second (and this is important), Auburn is trending up and Alt-Universe Auburn is trending down. The last three weeks have been rough on Aggie. It feels like they're ready to implode with the slightest adversity. If Auburn hits them in the mouth early, we could win by 10. I'll take Auburn 37-31 and I really hope I'm right because I'm tired of parallel Tuco lording his Cowboy hat over me.


It's on the road. It's a night game. There's questions of Auburn's offensive identity (especially with recent recruiting news). A&M has a near unstoppable defensive end some are questioning if we can slow down. They have a highly mobile QB some wonder if we can stop.

Therefore, I think that's exactly what we're going to do. If there's ever such thing as "Auburning," it's struggling or losing the games you shouldn't, allowing opponents to excel at what they do worst, or else coming out and winning games we probably shouldn't. In the eyes of a lot of people, Auburn shouldn't win this game. So we will.


Or if we don't, we weren't supposed to. Might as well go All In. #tbt


Seems to me the running game will be key tomorrow. I expect Texas A&M to get over their scoring woes pretty easily. If we can consistently score in the red zone, more TDs that FGs, we'll be ok.