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Plays and Players of the Game: Auburn at Texas A&M

Win or lose, Auburn made some plays. Here are our picks for the best ones.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

What a game! The C&M staff had a great time discussing this one, and there were so many great plays and awesome players that we couldn't name just one.

Offensively, I was so excited for Jovon to finally show what he could do. Shon Coleman SHUT DOWN Myles Garrett, after really struggling against him last year. Really, when did you even hear his name called? But, I've got to give it to Jeremy Johnson. Not one of us thought he could be successful, and we were dead wrong. And, I'm so glad for it. Jeremy was accurate, made good decisions, and ran the fakes so well. The character and fight it takes to come out and play like that, after the season he's had, is just incredible.

Defensively, Cassanova McKinzy and Justin Garrett played their last true road games as Auburn Tigers, and they played like they were trying to make a statement. Carlton Davis gets my defensive player of the game nod, though, because that kid is a beast. He makes interceptions in the end zone look easy, and I can't wait to watch him develop under Muschamp.

We've made up a lot of nicknames for Daniel Carlson, and he's earned every one. He keeps Auburn in games when the red zone struggles show up and pins back the opposing teams.

My play of the game is the deep throw to Tony Stevens. That pass was the exclamation point on Jeremy's comeback.

Here's what the rest of the staff had to say. Join us in the comments and vote in the poll.

Player of the Game


Player of the game was Jovon Robinson. Jeremy was great, but Jovon was incredible.


Jovon is the obvious choice, BUT I'm going to go with Jeremy Johnson. A lot of Auburn fans including me had given up on him. When it was announced that he was a starter, Auburn fans were despondent. Then Johsnon goes out and drives down the field twice in the first quarter. He made good reads and most of his throws were on line. I'm so happy for the man.

Dr. Z

JJ.  He says"Dr Z can eat my shorts, man".

Bobby Barkley

​Jovon and the running game allowed Jeremy to play loose without worrying to much about throwing the ball, but Jeremy still made great throws all game. It was a great game and I couldn't be prouder of JJ. Defense also played lights out, and Carlton Davis is becoming a grown-ass man in front of our eyes this season.

Player of the game for me is Shon Coleman​. He shut down Myles Garrett and allowed Jeremy and Jovon and Ricardo to tear up the field drive after drive.


It was a complete game. OL played well, receivers caught the ball, running backs ran hard, and JJ was the guy we hoped he would be in the offseason. Can't say enough about the defense though. DL played their best game in a couple of years and the DBs played well against some very talented skill guys. Even Frost played a really good game. 
Shon, JJ, and Jovon all deserve OPoG, but I'll give it to JJ. Auburn needed this game and he needed to rebuild his confidence. Mission(s) accomplished.

Carlton Davis gets my DPoG. His early INT set the tone for the game. He's the best C. Davis since the last C. Davis.


We might even have to break it down by halves. First half OPotG: JJ because he kept his poise when it mattered most. Second: Jovon*/Peyton/Kerryon/Ricardo and anyone else who kept the ball moving and the clock running. First half DPotG: Carlton for the touchdown-saving interception. Second: the Count for his drive-ending interception.

Special Teams is a tossup. Carlson's field goals provided security we haven't enjoyed in a long time but Phillips' punts kept A&M from flipping the field.

Hell, just give it to everyone. I've never been happier to be wrong about a game, except maybe in 2013 when I was sure A&M would beat us by 40.

War Eagle! 
*Jovon really was incredible throughout the entire game (when they fed him).


I like to be different, so I'm going to say Kevin Phillips. The Aggies are dangerous on punt returns (or any returns), so his ability to boom it high and not let other teams get a return helps Auburn keep the opposing team from getting an advantage in the return game or get big plays on huge returns with very talented athletes.

Play of the Game


Play of the game was the Countess interception early in the second half. That was massive. Got us the ball in plus territory with the two score lead.


Play of the game is the Carlton Davis interception. That was a 50/50 ball and he wanted it more. Amazing interception that changed the feel of the game.

Bobby Barkley

My play of the game is the 3rd-and-2 deep throw that Jeremy Johnson made to Tony Stevens.


The 4th and 1 stop deep in Auburn territory. Auburn has given up so many 4th and shorts over the last few years, that I think that was a big confidence booster for the defense.