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Link sAUsage: 9 November 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The Tigers upset the 11th ranked Gators in five sets Sunday afternoon in Auburn Arena.


The 2nd ranked Tigers split their weekend out in Texas. The fell to Texas A&M Saturday, but picked up the win at SMU Sunday.


Brooke Ramsier and Kala Faulkner were named to the All-Tournament Team for the SEC Tournament. The Tigers fell in the semifinals to the Florida Gators Friday afternoon.


The Tigers revenged a road loss to Indiana with a dominating performance at home, this weekend. They also got great news when a top swimmer in the state of Florida decided to commit to the Tigers.


So Auburn won. WOOOOOO!!!!!! What a game, too. You can read the original recap posted right after the game, here. I posted that right after the game as a general synopsis. Then I had some more thoughts Sunday afternoon in a bit more of an editorial fashion.

In an effort to get some more post-game reactions, Emily covered the players and plays of the game according to the staff here at College and Magnolia. If you want to see just how complete a game it was, check out the diverse opinions from the staff.

Now that the game is over and we can definitely laugh harder at this, go back and read The Smokin' Barn from last Friday. Bobby Barkley created a "Yell Leader" cheer/routine for all of the SEC schools. It's hilarious.

SBNation picked up on The Woody play from Saturday night. It's so nice to see that play work in Auburn's favor. Ryan Davis did such a good job of selling it by remaining still until the defensive end committed to chasing JJ. In an interesting note, I've seen message board discussions that Gus turned over play-calling to Rhett Lashlee for this one. It was definitely called differently, and those posters even say you could tell Lashlee was more vocal on the sidelines and Gus not as animated as usual, lending credence to his not having as big a hand in the action. I've seen pictures of him without his normal clipboard, too. If that's the case, then perhaps a lot of criticism of Lashlee is a bit premature. Maybe the issue has been not letting him have control over what he's been working on with these quarterbacks.

Jovon Robinson picked up a Helmet Sticker from ESPN's SEC folks for his 159 yard performance against the Aggies. He's showing why he was so coveted by the Tigers all the way back in 2012.

See what the official site had to say about the defense's performance in Charles Goldberg's Goldmine.

I try to avoid profanity in these posts, but ESPN can f^ck right off with this highlight footage for Saturday's game. They talk about the "scary moment" on a big hit... on Kyler Murray. They completely neglect that Jeremiah Dinson suffered a brutal injury on a dirty hit. And it was dirty. Targeting or not, that type of block is a personal foul in the NFL. It was blind-side, cheap, and I don't even want to speculate on how bad Dinson's injury is. Right now we just know he's "out." I suspect Gus will cover it more in his Tuesday press conference.

Devaroe Lawrence has been dealing with an ankle injury? Since when? He's played his best football the last few weeks. If that's him hurt, I can't wait to see him healthy.

I love having Will Muschamp back at Auburn. He's so fun. It's starting to pay off on the field, too. He talked Sunday night about "putting guts on a barbed wire." What does that even mean? I don't know, but it's great. He updated some injury statuses (we won't know on Dinson until later this week), and said Tray Matthews could return to the field against his old team this weekend.