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Link sAUsage: 1 December 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Well, it's not as bad as we feared, but it's still not ideal. Tahj Shamsid-Deen will be out for a 10 days to two weeks with his current issue. Personally, I don't think Tahj should see the court again until conference play starts. Let him get fully healed and ready to go, because we're going to need him.

See what all Bruce Pearl had to say at Tiger Talk last night, here.


Auburn will have a gymnastics preview meet this Sunday in Auburn Arena. They're hoping to bring a big crowd out for it. Be there if you can!


They won't see the field for a while, but Auburn signed eight new softball players who will arrive at Auburn for the 2017 season. According to recruiting coordinator Scott Woodward, it's a Top 10 class. Auburn is definitely building a powerhouse Softball program on the Plains.


Auburn has two golfers in the Top 10 of the Palmer Rankings, including Michael Johnson at #2 in the nation. It's looking like it's going to be a fun season on the links for the Tigers.


We've all heard about Auburn Jesus by now. Apparently, a website was trying to create a "Tecmo Bowl" version of Auburn's helmet and the result came out looking more like Auburn Jesus than the interlocking AU.

Will Muschamp may be in play at South Carolina. I really have a hard time imagining them going that route, but ok. We'll see what happens. What will Auburn do if that happens? I don't know. There's always the chance that they think Travaris Robinson is ready to give it a go as a coordinator.

Blake has some really good TAKES for you, as usual. I have to say I agree 100% with pretty much everything he has to say in this one.

There's a former Auburn quarterback doing well as a head coach in college football. Stan White's backup was just named the head coach at Southern California, yesterday. Good luck to Clay Helton out west.

On the subject of Jeremy Johnson... I said yesterday that it would shock me if he's at Auburn next season. Well, judging by what he told his high school coach, it sounds like he'll at least be at Auburn through the spring.

We know Auburn wants to go more of the dual-threat route with QBs in the future. Could next year's QB already be on campus even with that? It's possible. Jason Smith is right there, and there are indications he's taken some snaps at the QB position in practices.