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Gus Malzahn Press Conference Tweet-Cap

Gus Malzahn met with the media briefly this evening. This is a brief recap of the tweets from that press conference.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Football news, yaaaay! Of course, it's not exactly much. And, since Gus is the master of Coach Speak, what little there was tells us even less. So let's try to dig out some tidbits from these tweets.

We know the defensive staff for the bowl game! I don't think much of it is a surprise other than knowing who is going to coach the defensive backs. Hopefully he's good at it, because Auburn is going to need help against one of the better quarterbacks in the nation.

Let's talk about the best news, though. Everyone should be healthy and eligible. The healthy part is big, though it brings back the question of who will start at the QB position. I'm hopeful for Sean White, personally. Mainly because I think he is the more accurate of the quarterbacks, and we're going to need to be able to throw the ball.

Gus says he hasn't offered the DC job to anyone, yet. I'm sure that's true in the "the paperwork wasn't presented to them" definition of "offer." We all know the job was Charles Kelly's if he wanted it. Hopefully we get a resolution soon.

So, like I said, not much of substance. As soon as there is something, we'll let you know.