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Auburn vs Mercer Game Open Thread

It's the only home game this month!

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn is hitting the court again tonight for the second time in five days after a 10+ day layoff. Hopefully they've shaken the rust off. Of course, being rusty early on in games hasn't exactly been the problem this season. It's been how well the Tigers play in the 2nd half.

If you're in town, this is the only December game you'll be able to go this season. Auburn will be at Xavier this weekend, and then in Hawaii next week. Thankfully this game is on SEC Network+, though, so there won't be the horrible quality of broadcast and feed as there was for Coastal Carolina and Middle Tennessee State.

If you're in town, then get to the game! I'll be there. Hopefully the Tigers can rebound from Saturday before they head to a very tough Xavier.

War Eagle!