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Dual Threat JUCO QB John Franklin, III signs with Auburn

The QB used to portray Nick Marshall prior to the 2013 BCSCG is now trying to win Nick Marshall's old job.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the first day that mid-year enrollees from JUCOs across the nation can sign with their schools if they plan on enrolling in January. I only know of two JUCOs that will sign with Auburn this morning, but they're both big additions.

First up this morning was John Franklin, III. Here's what we wrote about him back when he first announced his commitment. was the first to report this morning that he has signed his National Letter of Intent for Auburn.

Franklin is a dual-threat QB who spent the past season in JUCO after leaving Florida State. He left because of playing time. He is the QB FSU used to portray Nick Marshall prior to the 2013 BCS Championship Game.

I know one knock many have had on him is that he wasn't the starter for the whole season and was second-string for a good bit of the time. The general feeling is "if he couldn't start for his JUCO, how is he going to compete for the starting job at Auburn?"

Well, he didn't arrive at his JUCO until late in summer. He didn't start for a while because he didn't have the offense down. That doesn't mean he's going to jump into Auburn and earn the starting job right off the bat, but it should assuage some fears as to his abilities.

I'm still personally hoping Sean White steps up and wins the QB job, just because I'm selfishly wanting the kid who has already put in two hard years of work for this team is able to succeed. With good receivers, I think Sean White could be deadly.

Either way, we know the option for a dual-threat QB is definitely there. Franklin was All-ACC in track, so he has a lot of speed, too. Is he the next Nick Marshall? I guess we'll see.