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Jordan-Hare Stadium North Endzone Renovations

Auburn is still planning on some extensive upgrades to the north side of Jordan-Hare Stadium. See what the current proposals are.

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Well, here we are again. Back in January, Auburn announced a survey for upgrades to the north end zone of Jordan-Hare Stadium. In June, Athletic Director Jay Jacobs decided he wasn't happy with the results and sent the company back to the drawing board.

Today, people who sit in the north end zone were sent a new survey on those upgrades according to a handy source. Some of the details are the same as the previous survey, such as the tiered seating. There are new additions, though. This new survey shows a view of the outside of the stadium as well as showing a better look at what it would look like on the interior. So, let's get to the pictures.

The Exterior

Outside Stadium

Well that certainly looks a whole lot better than the steel skeleton that's visible from outside the stadium on the north end, now, doesn't it? Jordan-Hare's exterior has always needed work. This is going a long way towards that. And that giant thing on top with the interlocking "AU"? Yep. That's what you think it is. We'll get to that, though.

Field Club Seats

Field Level

This was a part of the earlier design, as well. Personally, I don't like these. That's because I've sat on the front row, though. I don't know why anyone would ever want to spend a significant amount of money to sit that low. Granted, it's better in the endzones, but the first few rows at Jordan-Hare are about as bad as any seats I've ever been in. The center area with no seats is where the team would enter the field, since the new home locker room would be under the north side of the stadium.

Interior Views

I don't have too much to say about these, but here's some pictures of the "amenities" of the Club Level seating.

Amenities 1
Amenities 2

The Full View

And now, for the grand view of what it would look like from inside the stadium:

Full View

Yep. There it is. MOTHRATRON PART DEUX. Oh, and the tiered seating with the upper decks. I don't so much mind the upper deck, but the addition of yet another huge jumbotron that will be higher than the other one? Eh. Granted, that end zone has needed an upgraded scoreboard for years, but I am not a fan of this. I would rather go with a solid upper deck and put smaller video boards in the corners.

That wouldn't be as nice for those in the south end zone to look at, but it would look a bit better than this. I also still really don't like the tiered seating. I love the smooth lines of the lower bowl at Jordan-Hare Stadium, and I hate that this breaks those lines up.

The Cutaway

The Cutaway

Here's a view of what it looks like with the upper concourses, club levels, seating, locker rooms, etc. This view looks pretty good, I'll admit. Still not a fan of the way MOTHRATRON PART DEUX breaks up the upper deck.


I know I said a lot of negative things in this, but I'm not THAT negative against all of the proposals. For the gentleman who referenced escalators previously, this would indeed have them. It looks like it would connect the two upper decks, which is something that is a huge upgrade. It increases capacity of the stadium and provides the premium seating that's been needed.

I just still have to say "meh" to the way this looks in the overall. The exterior? Amazing. The new upper deck? That's pretty cool. But breaking up the lines of the stadium and building yet another massive MOTHRATRON that breaks up that upper deck? I think this plan still needs a few tweaks. There's a lot of promise to it, though. A lot more promise than there was to the previous design.

So what say you folks? Sound off below in the comments!


So the official site has now tweeted some clearer pictures and a story.