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Link sAUsage: 22 December 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet.

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Sorry for the lack of posts, yesterday. It was a combination of busy day at work, my getting sick with a really bad cold, and plus there just wasn't that much for me to write about. The next few days will be filled with basketball, though, as the Tigers are out in Hawaii.


The basketball team has spent the last day enjoying the sights out in Hawaii as they prepare for the Diamond Head Classic and their first game against New Mexico, this afternoon.

Bobby Barkley already has your "How to Watch" post up for today's game. I altered the daily scheduling a bit since we have an unusual weekday game.


You really need to read this story on Peyton Barber and his journey. It will make you root for his success that much more. Hopefully he picks up the 24 yards he needs to go over the millennium mark for the season.

Auburn's defense is looking forward to the tough challenge of facing a premier quarterback in Paxton Lynch, next Wednesday. They know they're getting a very tough challenge, just as they did last year when facing one of the nation's best running backs in Melvin Gordon. Let's hope they perform better against Lynch than they did against Gordon.

The offense, meanwhile, is in an "identity crisis" according to as they try to figure out what happened to one of the nation's best rushing attacks over the last few seasons.

Is Tom Allen going to be the next Auburn defensive coordinator? If so, he wasn't saying last night following South Florida's loss to Western Kentucky in their bowl game. I know people are going to judge him and his credentials by that game, but you have to remember that WKU has one of the nation's better offenses, and USF's secondary was definitely its weak spot, this year. If you want to see why you should feel good about Allen (if he is the hire), just look at how much their defense improved overall from last season to this one.