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Link sAUsage: 23 December 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


The baseball team would like to send you some Holiday Greetings.


After her awesome performance against Towson, Auburn freshman Janiah McKay was announced as the SEC Freshman of the Week! The ladies will be playing against George Mason at home, Wednesday night.

The men played the fist game of the Diamond Head Classic, yesterday. They took down New Mexico thanks to Kareem Canty's ridiculous shooting. The man is just sick, and I love watching him play. The men will take on Harvard this afternoon at 3:30 pm.


What's at stake for Gus Malzahn in the Birmingham Bowl? His first losing season since his very first as a head coach. In high school. In 1992. So for everyone who thinks he's suddenly forgotten how to coach this past season and Auburn is doomed... yeah, the man has a history of winning. He'll get it fixed.

Auburn was ranked #10 on Forbes' list of "Most Valuable Football Teams." You'll have to read the article to figure out exactly how they determine how "valuable" a football team is.

How did former Tigers in the NFL do this weekend? Well, some of them had very good games. Like Cam. He just keeps having good ones. His season has been so good that he was named to the Pro Bowl. Odds are that he'll be the NFL MVP. He's doing just fine in the NFL, thank you very much.