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POLL: Vote for the Biggest Auburn Twitter Moment of 2015

Your vote counts, so let it be known!

Carl knows what you're thinking...
Carl knows what you're thinking...
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

In the roller coaster year that was 2015, Auburn Athletics had plenty of buzz-worthy moments, and by buzz-worthy, I really mean Twitter-worthy. Yessir, Twitter has seemingly become the primary vehicle for sports memes, GIFs, gossip, chatter, rumors, trash talk, and yes, even takes (I still hate that word), and Auburn was certainly not immune.

On the contrary—Auburn has embraced the madness. The official athletics account and almost all of the individual athletic team accounts have been active on Twitter all year. On the other side, more and more fans have crept onto the social scene to join the crazy, angsty, drunk, "Jesus, take the wheel" frenzy that is what we affectionately call "Auburn CFB Twitter." And boy, has it been entertaining.

Personally, I had to take a hiatus from it earlier this year in the spring. It did me some good, but I ultimately caved in August. It was soon afterwards that I almost wished I hadn't returned. I mean, let's face it—we've seen better football seasons.

However, now that I've lasted this long, and since everyone and their mom (no, seriously—I think 75% of my followers are actual moms, which is just fine) is on the Twitter machine, it's time to begin our look back at the crazy 2015 year in Auburn Athletics. Earlier this month, I asked you to give me what you thought the biggest Auburn Twitter moments of 2015 were (twice, actually), and some of you provided some great material. We now have a working list of moments to choose from, but it's still not enough. Now we need to narrow it down and pick ten of the biggest, most Twitter-worthy moments of the year.

What set Auburn Twitter off this year? What got the most fans uptight? Sad? Happy? Excited? All-caps mode? Which tweets, dare I say, got the Gumps frantic?

Take a look at the poll below. It's a big one—a lot bigger than normal—but you can chisel it down into the 2016 bod you've been dreaming of (made those resolutions yet?). I've compiled what I consider (and what some of you have posited) to be some of the biggest moments of 2015 for Auburn Athletics. They're not all positive, but we didn't sign up for this roller coaster because we want to be happy all the time, right? Also, they may not necessarily be in chronological order, but don't let that slow you down. I'll take care of it once the official top ten has been revealed.

If you don't see one that you think should be included, share it in the comment section below.

So, if you're at work, or even if you're still on vacation and have run out of fun things to do while you binge watch Netflix shows at your parents' house, take a look at the choices and cast your vote. We'll have the run-down of the year on New Year's Eve. Make good choices (you know, in the poll, not on New Year's...I mean, shoot, make good choices then, too, but I'm not your dad or anything like that).

War Damn Eagle!