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Link sAUsage: 8 December 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


Want to see something adorable? Check out this video of Auburn's new "junior reporter."


Who is going to be Auburn's quarterback for the Birmingham Bowl? Jeremy Johnson? Sean White? Maybe Jason Smith? We take a quick examination of the situation.

Auburn is just hoping to keep improving as the Tigers head into the bowl game. The Tigers definitely want to avoid finishing the season with a losing record. has some video previewing the bowl game. Unfortunately, it's from the Finebaum Show. So be warned. If you want non-Finebaum video, there's some from the SEC Network that focuses on the defense.

ESPN asked what went wrong for the Auburn / Will Muschamp experiment. The only one of these I really agree with is the 3rd one. There's also reason to believe that Muschamp would have returned to Auburn if he hadn't gotten the South Carolina job, though Ostendorf seems to take it as given that he was gone no matter what.

What is Gus Malzahn looking for in a defensive coordinator? examines it. Most of all it sounds like he wants stability. Someone who will stick around for multiple years.

A very important recruit has set his commitment date. Defensive Tackle Antwuan Jackson will decide on December 17th. Say what you will about his ability to develop a pass rush, but Rodney Garner kills it on the recruiting trail. He's listed as one of the nation's top recruiters and is a big reason why Auburn is in the mix for a number of big names.

I'm not sure what the website is, but they ranked the Top 10 College Football Uniforms. See where Auburn ranked, and then vomit at #1. It's not an SEC school, either.

Cam Newton, man. He is having himself one hell of a year. It continued with another 5 touchdown game Sunday afternoon against the Saints.