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Link sAUsage: 9 December 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


Bruce Pearl has a new way of measuring good defense. It's all because of the need to adjust based on how touchy the officials are with fouls, this year.


The ladies finished their 2015 season with the highest final ranking in the program's history at #12. Coach Hoppa is doing good things on the Plains, as the Tigers made their first Sweet 16 in program history this season.


There's a nice interest piece on the official site about the Olympic dreams of Auburn Track and Field stars and how the program helps them get there.


From away and wanting to come to the Birmingham Bowl? Maybe you live close by and just don't know what all the Magic City has to offer. Well, Blake has a comprehensive guide to the food scene in Birmingham. We'll have more to come.

Only two Tigers made the Coaches' All-SEC team, and I really can't say I'm surprised by that. One of them who did is quite obvious, since he's the only Tiger up for a post-season award.

According to some reports, it seems Charles Kelly is off the list for defensive coordinator at Auburn. It doesn't sound like he was officially offered, only that he indicated he would turn it down, so you never know if that's a completely done deal yet, or not.