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Coffee and Magnolia: 13 February 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet.

Chris Fuhrmeister


Auburn needs to be feeding its big man more according to the Montgomery Advertiser. I don't disagree, but I do think Bowers needs to realize he is not a jump shot shooter, too. He never needs to shoot a three. Ever.


It's Opening Day! Last season Sunny Golloway started off the year talking of Omaha. He's dialed things back a bit and now is focusing on getting better.

The official site has a preview of the weekend series for you, along with information on who will make up the Tigers' starting lineups.

If you're just looking for a short and to the point weekend primer, our own Kevin Ives has a fantastic infographic for the weekend.


It was close at one point in Game 2 of the Tigers' doubleheader, but ultimately the good gals pulled it out, and the Tigers came away victorious in games against Mercer and Georgia State to remain undefeated on the season.


Don't forget that tonight the ladies face #2 LSU in the first ever top-10 match up of any kind in Auburn Arena. Be there to cheer them on! Do you like incredible heart-warming stories of perseverance and success? Then read this on Auburn senior Bri Guy.


There are three new players that Auburn believes can provide an immediate upgrade to the pass rushing game, according to They take a look at just who those players are and how they can help boost a unit that struggled to put pressure on the quarterback last season. also has a series they're running on "who signed the better [insert position] between Auburn and Alabama. You can go check that out if you really want to (they've done quarterbacks and running backs), but honestly I don't really want to link to that, because it's the type of thing I hate when it comes to the rivalry. I just want to enjoy Auburn and what Auburn does. I'll worry about Alabama when the Iron Bowl rolls around.


It's almost time. Tomorrow morning the new oak trees will be planted at the corner of College and Magnolia. Auburn tweeted out a glimpse of the trees being loaded up for transport, yesterday. They are in a "secure location" until their planting tomorrow morning. Festivities begin at 8am. It's going to be cold, but I know I'll be there.