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Auburn Plants New Oak Trees at Toomer's Corner

The corner of College and Magnolia is on the way to being back to normal.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

It was a special morning, that's for sure. Seeing the trees go into the ground and seeing Toomer's Corner once again framed by two live oak trees was quite the sight. It will be some time before they are as full as the original oaks were with as large a canopy, but at least we're on the way there, again.

It will also at least be one full football season before the oaks are ready to bear the strain of rolling. The university has set up the #ProtectTheOaks hashtag on social media to push as a reminder for Auburn fans to restrain themselves.

It is definitely a day that all of us who were there will remember, forever. It will be a day that will live on in Auburn history. It was a beautiful Valentine's Day morning in the Loveliest Village on the Plains, as a little bit of what makes up the heart of Auburn University was returned to us.

Here is a collection of a few of the stories from around the media about the event: First, you need to read Bobby Barkley's piece on the Changing of the Guard. wrote their piece on it, The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer did the same, Montgomery Advertiser seems to have pulled one from the AP wire, and even ESPN got in on the action.

Toomer's Oaks Planting
(Photo Credit: The Corner News - Left to right: Bobby Barkley, Walt Austin, Everett Duke)