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College and Magnolia: 18 February 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corner of the internet

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Well, that could have gone much better. There were some good highlights for Auburn, but overall the execution in the second half was poor and Alabama was draining just about every shot they took.


It wasn't a very good night for the baseball team, either. The Tigers dropped the first mid-week game of the season 7-4 to South Alabama at the Jaguars' home field in Mobile. They will be back in action tonight at home against Alabama State.


Things are going well so far for the men's swimming and diving team, as they lead the SEC Championships after the first day. Auburn freshman Hugo Morris broke Rowdy Gaines' 34 year old school record in the 200m freestyle. The ladies are tied for 8th going into day 2.


The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer says Auburn isn't counting on immediate help from Prince Tega Wanogho, Jr at defensive end. I think most Auburn fans have known since he committed to Auburn that he would be a project. He has amazing potential, but he's extremely raw. Once he gets a season of redshirting under his belt, he has the potential to be an absolute beast. Auburn will need the help, too, as there is always the chance Carl Lawson goes pro after the 2015 season.

The Montgomery Advertiser wonders just how much Nick Marshall has improved in terms of his defensive play leading up the NFL combine. Meanwhile, Marshall WILL go through drills with QBs, but also do work with the DBs on the field in the NFL Combine.

Yes, I've seen this. No, I really don't think it's worth making too big of a deal out of. For one, unless she was wearing something proclaiming her service, it's not like they would have known she was a veteran. Is some punishment in order? Sure. Even if it didn't go down as badly as the account she gives, she shouldn't have been called the name she was or been yelled at at all once she identified the animal as a service animal. Gus Malzahn has already apologized to the student. The players should do the same, spend a lot of extra time with Ryan Russell, maybe take some training/spend time with service dogs and Veterans' organizations (or with charities/organizations that help people deal with sexual assaults in this case), and that's it. It does not warrant being kicked off the team and expelled from the school as I've seen some calling for in message board posts.