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Auburn vs Kentucky: Three Things We Learned

Screw you Tony Barbee...

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I don't have very much good to say after this disaster so I'll be brief.  I'll start by saying I'm disappointed in this season.  Auburn has looked promising at moments this year, but by and large,  they have been a slightly better version of what they have shown the last 4 years floundering under Tony Barbee*.   Here's to next year, some blue chip recruits and a return to relevance.

1.  They were who we thought the were. Kentucky is the consensus #1 in the country, and they may be one of the best teams of all-time if you believe the talking heads at the MSNBC and Fox News of sports in ESPN.  They are loaded with size and athleticism, and they toyed with Auburn like a cat with a wounded mouse.  They are college basketball's version of the Crimson Tide, and should be reviled in the same way we all revile the Tide.

2.  Don't bring a water pistol to a gun fight. And that's just what Bruce Pearl had to do.  Aside from Mason and Harrell, Auburn has very little.  Notice I didn't include Cimmeon Bowers in that group.  He's a hard nosed tough guy who plays his ass off, but he's no Charles Barley.  Aside from them being the same size, I find very few similarities.  Barkley was better in every aspect of the game.  That being said, if we had Sir Charles tonight in his best year in the NBA, we still lose by 20.

3.  You have to know where you've been to know where you're going. I have no doubt Bruce Pearl will return Auburn to relevance, but Auburn has a pretty large mountain to climb.  The players are just not there, especially on the block.  I put this season squarely on the shoulders of Tony Barbee.  It is no wonder he was fired 30 seconds after the end of Auburn's last game.  He is the ferry boat captain that jumped ship when it was sinking.  Except he caught a ride on a luxury cruise ship.   He is the Wall Street executive who got a $2 million dollar bonus for sinking the economy in 2008.  He got his golden parachute from John Calipari, and Bruce Pearl is left to pick up the pieces.

*Let this be the last time we ever mention this a-hole's name on this blog.  From everything I have read and heard about this D-bag, he's not worth another typed character.