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Coffee and Magnolia: 24 February 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet

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The Tigers take on the Tigers (of the LSU variety), tonight. For once it's an early mid-week tip, with the game beginning at 6pm. Bobby Barkley's preview of the game will be published before long. For now, here's the official site game notes.

Antoine Mason spoke about his father's health, yesterday. His father is still in a New York hospital, but Antoine has said his father Anthony is getting better - though he is still in critical condition. In the interview he spoke about how he can still feel his father's presence watching him in the games even if he isn't in the arena.


The gymnastics team is now up to 7th in the nation, and will face #10 Georgia this Friday night. That makes this the second straight Top 10 match-up in Auburn Arena for the gymnastics team. Way to go, ladies!

The men's golf team is down in Mobile, and currently tied for 2nd in the tournament, just one shot back of the leader. The event concludes, today.

It's a mid-week baseball game against Georgia Tech! The rain should move out by late morning, and while it will be cold, it should still be a good day for baseball in Plainsman Park.

For information on tonight's basketball game, the baseball game, and every other Auburn sporting event in town this weekend, check out Everett's "Home on the Plains."


Auburn University spent the last week looking into those allegations about two Auburn football players possibly harassing a disabled veteran and her service dog last Tuesday, and issued a statement on Monday evening. I examined the statement and what it said and didn't say last night. The "Too long; didn't read" version? It was a misunderstanding between students, one of which happened to be a football player and one of which happened to be a veteran. Now please go click my story anyway, because even though we don't get any sort of revenue from page clicks, they at least help my self-esteem to see that we get them.

He's been getting a lot of attention since before he even signed, but now Auburn signee Montavious Atkinson is getting national attention for his looks. Why? Because the player card that Rivals made for him looks like an NFL trading card from the 80s or 90s, and Atkinson himself looks like a 20 year veteran on it rather than an 18 year old kid.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>This is Auburn&#39;s newest football recruit, Montavious Atkinson. He&#39;s 18 years old. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Sporting Daily (@Sporting_Daily) <a href="">February 20, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Chadd Scott lists the five Tigers he thinks will be the key to Auburn's success in 2015. It's hard to argue with his list. I think the running back spot is the only one I would change. I would just say production from that spot. Auburn has great backs, so if one is a bust, I think the others will be capable of stepping up. I hope so, at least.

Most of the rest of the football news is Combine related, right now. We were going to do  the usual run down of how our players did, but you know what? You can find that sort of thing anywhere. So, we're going to have some fun with the Combine and present things to you in a bit different way. Be looking for that a little later on, today.