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Auburn vs the Texas A&M Aggies: 3 things we learned

RIP Anthony Mason

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

It's late and  Auburn just got their doors blown off again by A&M, so we'll be brief...

1.  The Tigers are are just not good enough for the long haul. A&M is a big, physical team.  Auburn can't compete unless they hit a ton of threes and that didn't happen tonight.  On the road in college station, the Tigers didn't stand a chance.

2.  To better days. Auburn has a top 20 recruiting class coming in hoops.  The last time that happened? Cliff Ellis was on the AU sideline.  Auburn will bet better, and soon.

3.  Antoine Mason-Auburn man. One of Auburn's best players lost his father this weekend.  Let's take a moment to think about how he must feel right now.  Any of us who have a dad know how heartbreaking this is for him right now.   I want Antoine to know how much we feel for him.  Nothing compares to a relationship between father and son,  I say this after an all day baseball marathon watching my own son.

Auburn has one more road game next week against Missouri before returning home for the final game of the regular season against Georgia next Saturday in Auburn Arena.

Auburn has two more games remaining in the regular season. An away tilt against Missouri mid-week, and then a final home game against the Georgia Bulldogs next Saturday afternoon in Auburn Arena.