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Better Know a Recruit: Auburn's National Signing Day Map

Stick around for Auburn's 28-part series, Better Know a Recruit. Let's put them all on the Big Board!Click here to view full screen on mobile.

Our long national nightmare is over National Signing Day is here and what better place to keep track of Auburn's day than right here at the corner of Auburn and the Internet, College & Magnolia? On the main page, we'll have articles on each signee as the faxes roll in, but if you want to get a sense of what has happened, what could still happen, all with just a dash of geography, then keep an eye on Auburn's National Signing Day Map above.

Auburn has eight players already signed and enrolled, and 20 or so more will join them. Keep track of who is committed, who is a target and who has actually signed with the Tigers. The map will update throughout the day to provide the latest information. Like this...


By the way, I'll move "Targets" to "Committed" when a player announces and will only move him to "Signed" when Auburn announces that the LOI is in. Rules are rules.

Details such as position, rating, and hometown are available by clicking a name on the left or the symbol on the map itself. If we have a more detailed profile posted, the link will be right there on the map, click it to learn more about the future Tiger.

Oh, and if it looks like we missed something or, worse, we're completely wrong about it, chime in below or shout at @CollegeandMag or @WarRoomEagle and we'll get it back in order.

Happy National Signing Day and War Eagle!

Thanks to Hudl for the players' images and 247Sports for the bios. Be sure to check their profiles of Auburn's signees as well.