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National Signing Day 2015: How to watch Auburn targets sign live online.

Six Auburn targets will be announcing their decisions on national TV on Wednesday.

Who will Gus Malzahn sign in his third Auburn recruiting class?
Who will Gus Malzahn sign in his third Auburn recruiting class?
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The big day is almost here, where Auburn's 2015 recruiting class is solidified, and we begin looking forward to what they'll do on the field. At the same time, we'll immediately turn our attention to the next recruiting cycle.

If you're wanting to watch the excitement live, there will be plenty of places to do that. Auburn is going to host a six-hour signing day show live from the athletic department. It will available through the official site and through the WatchESPN app. Also on the WatchESPN app and your live TV, ESPNU will be broadcasting a number of announcements throughout the day.

Some of those announcements include those by targets of the Auburn Tigers. Here are times and places (all Central Time) you can watch each of those recruits commit:


8:10 a.m., Byron Cowart, DE  
9:30 a.m., Jeffery Holland, LB 
9:45 a.m., Terry Beckner Jr., DL 
10:35 a.m., Martez Ivey, OT 
1:05 p.m., CeCe Jefferson, DE

Other Networks

Bright House Sports Network

9 a..m., Ryan Davis, WR

FOX Sports South

5 p.m., Terry Godwin, WR - Hopefully we'll know beforehand by Auburn's signing class whether we really need to be concerned with this particular announcement.

Non-Televised Signing Times

6:20 a.m., Darius Slayton, WR 
7 a.m., Torrance Gibson, QB  
8 a.m., Carlton Davis, CB 
11 a.m., Javarius Davis, CB/ATH 
1 p.m., Kendrick Norton, DT

For any of those whose signing will not be televised, we'll be pushing the information out as soon as it becomes available. It may come from the individual players' Twitter account, the high school's account, Auburn's official Twitter account, etc. We will publish the information for you as soon as we get it.

Gus Malzahn will hold his press conference at 3pm tomorrow afternoon to wrap up the day's activity. You'll be able to watch that on the official site. As noted above, there could still be one signing after his press conference. 5* WR Terry Godwin is set to announce at 5pm CDT. I hope that we'll know where Auburn stands in his announcement earlier than the 5pm time set for the signing, though.