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Coffee and Magnolia: 3 February 2015

News and notes from around the Auburn corner of the internet

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We mentioned it yesterday, but in case you haven't seen it, Auburn's new video board (assuming it's approved) will be very big. I mean huge.

Chad Scott says that Auburn's dedication to success on the football field has never been higher, and the proof is in the money the school is spending to achieve that success.

Former Tiger Robenson Therezie had a team-high five tackles in the Gridiron Showcase last Saturday. I completely missed that story, yesterday. Good for Therezie. He played the "Star" position for the past two seasons, and now will have to attempt to switch to a more traditional defensive position. He probably translates more to a Safety than a linebacker.

Auburn could be poised to have a huge finish to signing day tomorrow if all of the cards fall right. Auburn is not going to land every big name prospect they've been pushing for the last few weeks, but they should hopefully pick up a few big names. The Tigers have eight spots remaining, so they are in a position to bring in a big haul if a few of those big names want to join in the class.

Wait, eight spots? "I thought you said there were seven spots left, yesterday?!?" you say. Well, there were. Then last night the news came out that ATH D'Anfernee McGriff is no longer committed to Auburn. Just what that means for the recruiting cycle is detailed in that article. And check out the comments as well (y'all know we have comments, right? We talk more about stuff in those, and I check them constantly and respond directly if you have a question) for Dusty's thoughts on what it means, as well.

Want to know how crazy that finish can be? AuburnUndercover has a free run-down of all the prospects Auburn has been targeting and what's currently going on with them. All of those players, and only eight spots.


Both sets of Tigers next take the court against the Tigers from Baton Rouge on Thursday. The men will be in Baton Rouge, while the women will be at home. Both are looking to snap losing streaks.

Bruce Pearl says his team is getting better, but success is going to be a bit further down the road. This is something we should have expected, but it was easy to get ahead of ourselves with that big stretch of non-conference games. This will be a very good basketball team in years to come, though.


Auburn pitcher Rocky McCord could have gone pro, but decided to return to Auburn. He hasn't pitched much on the Plains, but with new pitching coach Tom Holliday on board he is looking forward to stepping on to the mound for the Tigers as a part of the rotation.