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Coffee and Magnolia: 6 February 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corner of the internet.

Oh you better believe the jacket came off with some of the calls, last night.
Oh you better believe the jacket came off with some of the calls, last night.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


Yep, that's right. I'm starting with basketball, today. Why? Because they deserve it after the big win the men's team picked up, last night! The men's team went down to Baton Rouge last night and played a very tough LSU squad to pick up their first true road win of the season and first conference road win in over a year. They led for the majority of the game, and it was glorious. I thought the refs were going to try to take it from us in the end with a very questionable travel call, but it didn't happen.

The men's team truly felt they deserved to win that game, and I think they're right. It's probably the best game of basketball I've seen them play all season against a quality opponent. The Xavier game was big, but they still had to come back from double-digits in that one. In the LSU game, the team started strong and never let up. That 30 points in the first half number I mentioned in the preview? Auburn had 30 points with over 6 minutes left in the first half, and ended up with 41 at half time. It's a new day for Auburn basketball.

The women did not fair so well against LSU, dropping another SEC game at home 60-49. The Tigers are still winless in conference.


Still going in reverse order, because the softball team kicked off their season last night with a thorough sacking of Troy. Troy had a 4-0 lead after the top of the first, but Auburn responded with 10 of their own in the bottom half of an inning that lasted an hour on their way to a 15-5 victory.


Now to football, where Auburn's uniforms were ranked third best in the nation by I remember SI did a similar poll a few years ago, and Auburn was #3 in that one, as well. They had Texas as #1 though, while this Grantland writer places Clemson (CLEMSON!?!?) at #1. Alabama is in the bottom 5.

Profiles of Auburn's signees will be rolling in over the next few weeks. We'll be doing some of our own, believe me. Until then, take a look at one of the more interesting players Auburn picked up in LB Jeffrey Holland.'s Wesley Sinor takes a look at Auburn's 2015 recruiting class for the gems, sleepers, and misses. That class puts Auburn at 86 scholarship football players, which is one over the NCAA limit. It only matters once the fall starts, though. There is always some measure of roster attrition over the spring and summers. If there is, I just hope it's a player's choice and not because he does something stupid and gets kicked off.