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Coffee and Magnolia: 13 March 2015

News and notes from the HARDEST BARNIN' corner of the internet.

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In general SEC news, the SEC surprised no one in naming Greg Sankey as the 8th commissioner of the conference. He will take over when Mike Slive steps down. Sankey has been serving under Slive for years now and offers a lot of continuity to the position. I do agree with some that there should be some measure of trepidation in that promoting from within for a position such as this isn't always the best thing. Hopefully Sankey has as productive a period as head of the Southeastern Conference as Mike Slive had.


WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! WE LIVE TO FIGHT FOR YET ANOTHER DAY!!!!! Wow, what a game. Auburn jumped up early, feel behind by 10 at the half, and then came out on absolute fire in the second half. I don't think Auburn has the capability to win the SEC Tournament by any stretch of the imagination, but LSU has got to be thinking about the team they're facing tomorrow and how much momentum they're coming in with and the fun they're having.

Auburn's main basketball account gif'd one of KT Harrell's three point shots from the MSU game the other night and tweeted it out. Tuco thinks it's their best tweet of the year.

You can check out the highlights from last night's game here. You need to watch it just to see Bruce's speech.

Auburn plays LSU this afternoon at the same time as yesterday's game (2:30 CDT). And, again, we already have your preview for you! Get off early. Listen on the radio. Watch it online. We have the news on how to do that for you! BARN HARD, Y'ALL. THE CRAZY SCHWARZENEGGER PATH TO GREATNESS is still alive!


One set of Aggies went down last night, can the Tigers ruin the day of another set of Aggies this afternoon? The baseball team is out in College Station to take on the undefeated Texas A&M baseball team. Keegan Thompson is on the mound in game one.


It's Senior night! Get out and support these ladies who have taken the program to new heights all season long.

For information on all other Auburn related events this week and weekend, don't forget Everett's Home on the Plains!


Continuing a series I started a few weeks back, I published an article reviewing Auburn's defensive backs from the 2014 season, today. It got fairly lost in all of the basketball hubbub, though.

Yesterday was day two of Spring Practice, and other than reports from the interview with Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, you wouldn't really know it from all of the reports out there. I wanted to do a "Day 2" update for y'all last night on the site, but there really wasn't enough information publicly available to do it with. All of the beat writers were focused on the basketball game. There is some info out there, though.

In their "Is this the year of the Defensive lineman in the SEC?" feature, ESPN mention's Auburn's Carl Lawson. I have a feeling he won't be the only name getting mentioned. Call me crazy, but after looking at the increase from freshman to sophomore year, I'm looking for BIG things from Montravius Adams under Will Muschamp.

The Ledger-Enquirer speaks of Avery Young's new leadership role as one of the older guys on the offensive line. Young has moved back out to tackle - where he played a lot in 2013 - this season.

Elsewhere on the line, another name has been added to the competition for the starting center position. Deon Mix. He's competing with Xavier Dampeer and Austin Golson.

The Tigers will next see the practice field on Saturday. They will practice two times next week before taking Spring Break off.