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St. Louis Rams Becoming the St. Louis Tigers?

The Rams seem to be acquiring a number of former Auburn personnel over the past few seasons.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams signed former Auburn star defensive tackle and scourge of SEC fanbases everywhere Nick Fairley, today. With that move, the Rams have added yet another connection to Auburn on their team.

On their active roster, the Rams currently boast Greg Robinson (OL), Tre Mason (RB), Darren Bates (LB), and Will Herring (LB). That's not all, though. They also have Emory Blake on their practice squad.

But hey, we're not done! General Manager Les Snead played for Auburn in the early 90s and was a graduate assistant for the Tigers, afterwards. Let's take a look at their front office and well, hey there Barrett Trotter, it's good to see you! Trotter was the QB in 2011 who was never the same after Gene Chizik eviscerated Gustav's offense and then Emory Blake went down with an injury. He did return and find redemption in an awesome Chick-fil-A Bowl performance against Virginia, though.

Finally, there's head coach Jeff Fisher. Fisher doesn't have a direct connection himself to Auburn, but his son Trent played for the Tigers for a number of years and was on the 2010 National Championship team as a reserve defensive back. He was the lone defensive back to pull down an interception (returned for a touchdown!) during the dreadful 2012 campaign.

I tweeted out "St. Louis Tigers, am I right?" earlier this afternoon, and we received this awesome response from Turf Show Times, the Rams' SB Nation blog:

It's too much to ask for the Rams to get Cam Newton out from behind that horrendous Carolina offensive line (and out of the NFC South), isn't it?

The Rams were also the team that picked up former Auburn TE Philip Lutzenkirchen before he decided to end his football career.

And, to close, we couldn't leave out the MOST AUBURN NFL PLAY EVER, could we? Darren Bates leaps the OL to block the FG, which is recovered and run back by Will Herring, who is tackled by Brandon Mosley.

I wonder what the Rams' positions of need are in the NFL draft and what former Auburn Tiger they may snag, next?

War Damn Rams?