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How to watch Auburn vs Kentucky live online, time, TV schedule, and more

The Tigers are ballin' out of control in Nashville, and they just might need a Music City Miracle to take down Kentucky in today's SEC Tournament Semifinal game.

"Hey, Bruce. How many games y'all plan on winning this week?"
"Hey, Bruce. How many games y'all plan on winning this week?"
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State? More like Mississippi Late. See ya. (1-0)

Texas A&M? Pack your baggies, Aggies. Deuces. (2-0)

LSWhose bright idea was it to not foul Cinmeon Bowers there at the end? Y'all are D-U-M-B, dumb, and done. Bye bye. (3-0)

Y'all smell that?

Those are Tony Barbee's drawers. He's soiled them.

Really, why wouldn't you after watching your former team take down three SEC West teams in a row in the span of 3 days? Your former player that has racked up all kinds of points (despite only being good enough to some coaches for the All-SEC Second Team)?

By the way, let me make this clear for those coaches and for the writers who will cast votes this weekend. Here is how the All-SEC Team field should look:

First Team: KT Harrell.

Second Team: Nobody else.

He's that good. In fact, no matter where he was ranked, he would have to have two empty slots before and after him just to make it fair for everyone else, er, something like that. He's just very good.

That's really all this has boiled down to—the fact that a bunch of coaches got together and decided that the SEC's leading scorer this season is, at best, capable of a Second-Team spot. Oh, how fun it is to live in a fantasy world.

Well, wake up, coaches, or maybe you did already when KT buried a three to send yesterday's game against LSU into overtime. KT is the new American Sniper—he's killing the hopes and dreams of the SEC field from NBA range.

What else is there to say about a Tigers squad that has done nothing but impress this week against some of the SEC's best players? Honestly, do they have anything left to prove? What else can you ask from these guys? It's like the talking heads on TV keep discounting them, saying things like, "This team just doesn't have the talent," and yet the Tigers don't just prove them wrong—they prove them wrong on, like, a Brian Williams level.

And how about Bruce Pearl? Huh? Do you believe in this guy yet? I have to admit—I was cynical about the state of our program as we began the nosedive during SEC play, yet in the span of 3 days in Nashville, Pearl has gotten me the most excited I've been about Auburn Basketball since I met the Round Mound of Rebound when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Pearl is the man, and if you don't believe that, then just get the hell outta here with that garbage.

You want a preview? Here's your preview:

1. Auburn is going to beat Kentucky today.

I'm not sure by how much, but I don't care. It could be by 1, or it could be by 21. I don't care if we win on a blown call. I don't care if we win because one of Kentucky's players misses a free throw in the dying seconds. I don't care if Tony Barbee starts having heart palpitations and they have to wheel him out on a gurney. Auburn's just going to find a way to win. Believe that. And if that's Barning too hard, then lock me up.

2. KT Harrell is going to have over 100 points before this tournament ends.

Whether Auburn wins or loses, I just don't see how KT doesn't hit the century mark before the fat lady sings. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Calipari. I'm calling you a fat lady, and I think you're going to sing today, and then probably again on Sunday when we get revenge on Arkansas.

3. There are going to be tears today.

There will be three kinds of tears possibilities. One, I will cry tears of joy when we come together and give Kentucky its first loss of the season. Two, I will cry tears of joy and pride, but mostly sadness if we lose because I'm going to miss KT Harrell and Antoine Mason like a fat kid on a diet misses a Twinkie. Three, Kentucky fans will weep and gnash their teeth and wonder why in the world they cheered for this Auburn team yesterday. What were we thinking?

Basically, I'm hoping for One and Three, combined. Two shouldn't happen. It might happen, but I hope not.

It's pretty simple. Give KT Harrell the ball with open looks. Play defense. Don't get caught unaware in transition. Don't freeze up when Kentucky goes on a 13-point scoring run. Lay everything you have on the line today. Show no mercy, for you will be shown none. Ball hard until the final whistle blows. Play for each other, play for your fans, play for Auburn.

We're behind you, Tigers. Win or lose, we're behind you. Get out there and fight like there's no tomorrow, because unless you beat the Wildcats today—your basketball Goliath—there really isn't one.

Thanks for the ride so far. Now strap us in. We're gonna ride this baby the rest of the way together, starting with Kentucky.

War Damn Eagle.

Auburn vs. Kentucky

When: 12:00 PM CT

Watch: ESPN

Stream: WatchESPN / ESPN3

Listen: Auburn IMG Network