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2015 SEC Tournament: Auburn vs Kentucky Game Open Thread

We've come this far. Why not us?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Three games in three days. Three Auburn victories.

Auburn had less than a 2% chance to make the semifinals. 1.9% according to this tweet by's Brandon Marcello. The Tigers have a 3% chance of defeating Kentucky. The Tigers are 20+ point underdogs.

Dick Vitale - who will be calling the game - says Auburn defeating Kentucky would be the biggest upset of the last 35 years.

We all know today is likely the day this dream run through the SEC Tournament ends. But it doesn't have to be.

Sure, Kentucky jumped up to a ridiculous lead when Auburn played them in Lexington. However, the Tigers fought fairly well from that point on. If Auburn can keep this game within reach through the first half, then those Cardiac Cats of the much larger and striped variety should be able to reach deep down inside and grab some of that second half magic that has served them so well this season.

Win or go home. Go hard in the paint. Give the ball to KT beyond the arc. Let Malcolm Canada get a few good drives to the lane. Give us a reason to see a good #CimFlex or two.

Be the team they film a "30 for 30" on.

War Eagle. Always.