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2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket and Selection Sunday Show Times

Auburn may not be in it, but I know plenty of you want to follow along, anyway.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn's dream run through the SEC Tournament ended after its best showing since 1985, yesterday. There were plenty of people who didn't expect Auburn to make it out of round one, much less all the way to the semi-finals. The seeds still alive on Saturday were the 1, 2, 3, and 13.

I have a feeling this is the last time we see Auburn as a 13 seed.

Just because Auburn isn't going to be involved in the Big Dance doesn't mean that we can't still follow along with the NCAA Tournament. There's even the outside chance Auburn would get picked up for the CBI or CIT, though I don't know if Auburn would accept a bid to those. This team is beat up and been through so much, and all of the news and headlines out of the program have been about yesterday being the end of the season, so I think that's pretty much it for the Tigers.

If you're wanting to follow along with the tournament with your very own printable bracket, the kind folks at SB Nation have you covered. Click that link for a blank bracket you can print out on your own and keep up with the tournament.

It's not going to happen this season, but I think we're going to find ourselves watching closely 365 days from now to see where the Auburn Tigers will end up.

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