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Coffee and Magnolia: 16 March 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet.

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With last night's tournament selections and other post-season contests being announced, Auburn's 2014/15 basketball season is officially done. The foundation is in place for future success though, according to head coach Bruce Pearl. I don't think anyone would argue with that assessment.

Two notable seniors were highlighted on the official site. Antoine Mason for his struggles after his father's death and how getting back on the court helped him cope. Then there is the story on KT Harrell being named to the SEC All-Tournament Team. He was the only player named to the five man team that did not play in the championship game on Sunday. KT's performance throughout last week was phenomenal and capped one of the best two year periods for a player in Auburn history.

It wasn't all sunshine, though, as there is still no word on what led to the Cinmeon Bowers suspension before the Kentucky game. Judging by this tweet of his and the fact he was still on the bench with the team during the game, I doubt it is anything too serious.


Soooo... that wasn't too pretty. Granted, it was to one of the top teams in the country (and a team that is the only undefeated team in the nation left, but getting swept in the first series of SEC play is never a good thing. You can check out the recaps on the official site, here.


Auburn's injured players are coming along slowly, and likely will still be very limited in the work they put in this Spring.

Auburn's third practice ended up being situational work and a regular practice rather than the scrimmage it was originally intended to be. The Tigers are allowed only a certain number of scrimmages (including the spring game), so it will be interesting to see which practice they put the first scrimmage in. If I had to guess - and this is purely a guess on my part - it will be this coming Thursday before they break for Spring Break.

A few of Auburn's football players spoke to the media following the third practice of the Spring. Phillip Marshall has a good run down of just what those players had to say about how the spring is progressing and how they feel.

Will Muschamp doesn't want "knuckleheads" on his defense. He's speaking of being a knucklehead off the field in that article, but I hope he gets after them for knucklehead plays (like late hits out of bounds), too!

The offense lost a lot of players, but the Tigers still think they'll be one of the SEC's best. I think they're more than right. I think this offense could be even better, this season.

Auburn has one scholarship tight-end, right now. One. Uno. That's... less than optimal. You can bet - as does - that he will be worked a ton this spring. It's not as had as it sounds, though. Jalen Harris will enroll over the summer, and there's still Kamryn Pettway and Chandler Cox at the H-back slot.

Yes, I would say Jeremy Johnson is 99% lock to be Auburn's starting QB this fall. But right now he's splitting reps with redshirt freshman Sean White. White is supposed to be a special talent in his own right. I'm sure Johnson will take the job before spring is over (even though I doubt we hear an official announcement until just before the first game), but White will definitely be one to watch going forward. I think we'll be just fine if something were to happen to JJ during the season.